What is ‘Bordoisila’ all about?

For the progressive but deep rooted Indian, we at Bordoisila try to bring you the best of what Northeast India has to offer. Started with nothing but a hope in our hearts that you will love us, we continue to better ourselves every day, creating and curating the best stories anybody has to offer, and making sure it reaches the audience it deserves.

What does ‘Bordoisila’ mean?

Bordoisila is a quintessential wind native to the Northeast of India. Blowing every year, twice, legend has it that she is a married lady, who visits her mother every year at the time of Bihu. The entire idea of Bordoisila is a strong, beautiful, wild and powerful wind, a force to reckon with; something we aspire to become.

Who are we?

We are a bunch of enthusiastic hearts with an eye on the horizon and our feet on the ground, working our asses off to give you THE BEST STORIES there are.

What do we publish?

Bordoisila brings you the best of what North-east India has to offer. The funniest, the quirkiest, the best. And yes, we do all kinds of happy positive stuff only so that every bit of scoop that reaches you makes you smile or even more so.

How do I submit my story?

For submitting your stories, click here.

Have something to say to us?

For any queries/suggestions/feedbacks, yes anything, you can always talk to one of our Managing Editors here.

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