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7 Things Only Our Graceful Bihu Nasonis Can Relate To

Ankita Kakaty
Intern, Bordoisila

11th April, 2016

“Kinukoi Boliya Botajaki Marile

 Gose Bone Holale Oi Paat

Dhul Pepar Maat Huni Robo Moi Nuwaru

Oi Eri Jau Petore Bhat”

Bohagor Dolisat Akou Ahile Bihu Bihu, the grand fiesta of Assam is the most celebrated festival of the Assamese people. From folklore to traditional delicacies, Bihu resides in every form and shape among the Axomiyas. Bohag, the first month of the Assamese Calendar welcomes our otikoi senehor Rongali Bihu or Bohag Bihu which diffuses the colors of joy, fanfare and  celebrations among each one of us. And our Bihu Nasonis, in particular, are the biggest enthusiasts when it comes to Bihu. Be it a rural backdrop or an urban town, our Nasonis are ever ready to trip their light fantastic toe and sprinkle the all colourful hues of the season. So here is a list of 7 Things an Assamese Bihu Nasoni Can Surely Relate to:

1.Our Dhulias just can’t stop whistling at our Moromor Nasonis and are like

“O Jaan Oi Noukoi Jilike Tumar Gaal Dukhoni Oi, Hahile Jilike Daat”

Hands down! Nothing matches   the looks of a Bihu Nasoni draped in the traditional assamese attire.

2.No Bihu Dance is complete without the back vocals of our male singers who utter

“Aijjoi”, “Neriba”, “Ghuri- Ghuri”

Guys, these are called honey- dipped sarcasm and our Nasonis just love them all.

3.A Bihu Nasoni is incomplete without these 3Gs

“Gaam Kharu, Gogona and Gagori”

Aru, Gabhoru tu hoie aru. So, akou 4G.

4.For a Bihu Nasoni, be it Jeng Bihu, Mukoli Bihu or Monsor Bihu, there's one thing that enjoys the topmost priority and that is

“Misakiya hahire kokalor seu”

The pelvic thrust of our Nasonis can give a tough competition to their national counterparts, any given day.

5.When a Bihu Nasoni dances to the rhythm of the drum (Dhul) and trumpet (Pepa), the world becomes her stage

“Sit pokhila ura di ur o'o mur Nasoni oi, Sit pokhila ura di ur”

And she can never get tired of swaying her hips in complete harmony with the joyful music.

6.Bihu Kunwori, Bihu Samragyi, Shrestho Bihuwoti are no ordinary titles; they toil hard to earn them.

“Kulire Gungunit Nasonir Huwola Maat”

She is a dancer, a singer and a performer.

7.Each one of our Nasonis is rightfully

“Shrethotar Odhikari”

Which means all-round talent, sparkling smile and a powerhouse of energy.

So all said and done, a Bihu Nasoni is the most vibrant and graceful celebrator of the Assamese festival, Bihu. This  wonderful bunch of Nasonis is not just confined to Axom today but has moved out and left the onlookers in awe wherever it went. Kudos to our Bihu Nasonis.

Aru Hokoluke Bohag Bihu'r Hiyabhora Ulog. A Very Happy Rongali Bihu to All.

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