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10 Axomiya Conversations Which Perfectly Reflect Our Obsession With Sorkari Sakori

Izaaz Ahmed
Managing Editor, Bordoisila

30th March, 2016

Okay. So, let me straightaway get to the meat of it. How often do you get to hear – “Baba/Maina, sorkari sakori apply nokoro kio”? I mean you might have been bombarded with a slightly differently version of it but the underlying or fundamental idea has always been the same, nonetheless.

The relationship between the Axomiya society and Sorkari sakori is every bit the same as that of an ardent Indian cricket fan and Virat Kohli. So obsessed we Axomiyas are with government jobs that our world gradually gets terribly narrowed down and our lives end up revolving around flipping through the pages of newspapers, desperately trying to spot sorkari job advertisements. And, in between all this fuss, if you are gutsy enough to take up a private job or start your own venture or are simply busy sorting your life out, your rank in the society goes for a real beating because in our homaz, having a sorkari sakori is the ideal way of life. And these conversations below reflect that perfect.











While a Sorkari sakori, no doubt, has got its own perks and pros but a good private job or a potential venture is not at all a bad thing to make a career in. Having said that, I must admit, many of us have started looking at it differently of late and been able to keep pace with changing times. And, I reckon, it’s only a matter of time before this overrated bubble of obsession breaks open completely and paves way for all-round development.

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