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10 Classic Assamese Poems That Will Straightaway Transport You To Your School Days

Ankita Kakaty
Intern, Bordoisila

13th March, 2016

Childhood, undoubtedly, is the golden phase of one’s life. The carefree moments, the never-ending bouts of cheerful laughter and the purest form of innocence – these are the things characterizing one’s childhood. And a larger chuck of our childhood revolves around our glorious school days, be it the cute lunchboxes, senseless squabbles, or our teachers (both fearful and amiable) and thick friends. But how many of you remember the Assamese Poidyo (poems) narrated by our teachers and elders? The ones which became a cult for our generation as they were not just a piece of artistic and high-flown literature but carried underlying lessons and had undertones of the intricacies of our daily life? So, then, here is a collection of 10 such poems which I bet will take you back in time, right to your school days.











I so wish I could continue giving you all this streak of intense joy and nostalgia but, the spell needs to be broken and you must be jolted back to reality. Nevertheless, you can always pay a tribute to these wonderful poems and eternalize them by putting into effect the highly-relevant life lessons they ooze out.

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