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10 Classical Ghosts of the Assamese Legend

Nibid Borah
Managing Editor, Bordoisila

6 July, 2015

We all love ghost stories, don't we? Especially during nightouts, ghost is the second most popular topic after 'love'. Whenever someone starts a ghost story, 'ebaar ki hoisil jano...',we can't but listen, with cocked ears and our mouth wide open. No one simply disregards a ghost story. The adrenaline rush, the palpitations, the goosebumps, we always love a bhootor kahini. Therefore, with due regard for my dear Axomiya raiz, I present before you today a list of 10 classic Axomiya apparitions. I'm sure you will love them all.

1. Bira:

Notorious for throwing things at houses and 'sqeezing' people to death, some people have evened tamed these workoholic ghosts and made them work for their household. They could have been the ultimate solution to the usual kaam-kora-manuh'r problem, I guess.
Attributes:Loves milk.

2. Baak:

The baak is a grotesque creature infamous for killing human beings, hiding the corpses in deep waters and conseqeuntly taking on the corpse's appearance before going out for the next prey.
Attributes:Found around deserted ponds and lakes, particularly.
Loves eating fish.

3. Ghoda Paak:

Has the hooves of a horse, but is otherwise human. Some stories show it as helpful, while others call it so hideous that when it looks at you, you literally die. Ghora paak is one of the most feared ghosts among Assamese folks. A distant cousin of the European Centaur, this ghost is also half horse and half human. Ghora paak is mostly seen near river banks, ponds and swampy areas, especially at night. A group of fishermen from Kampur village of Nagaon district reported me of a Ghoda Paak sighting 2 years back. Although they were hesitant at first, on a little persuasion they revealed that Ghora Paaks are capable of complete metamorphosis into humans and can even 'control' us.
Attributes:They know your name.

4. Daula:

Duala is a typical arborial spectre of every Assamese village. This Loki of a ghost supposedly bends down a bamboo shoot on your way and if you try to go over it, the bamboo snaps back (between your legs, of course) and you get killed.
Attributes:Lives on trees.
Has eyes on its chest.

5. Bura Dangoria(the old one):

A holy spirit dressed in a radiating white tunic and a white turban on its head, they are supposedly 'good ghosts'. Quintessentially seen atop a white horse, they allegedly guard the Namghars, a community hall of worship where the sacred Bhagvat Gita is kept.
Attributes:Sentinals of the Naamghar

6. Jokhini:

Eqivalent to the English Witch, Jokhonis are female demon-like creature that are often rumoured to ensnare men and kill them eventually.
Attributes:Wears white clothes, with unkempt hair.
Has claws for fingers.
Other features include red eyes and twisted feet.

7. Puwali Bhoot/ Zaukar Paal:

These are mischiveous ghosts the size of small chilren who steal rice and sweets from the kitchen.The word 'paal' here means team. Their 'paltan' usually works as a team and can take the shape of small children or even goat, in a Mayang minute. Allegedly seen at the noon or early morning, they make a lot of noise.
Caution: These puwalis are not Awww-ISH at all, they will kill you if you ever see them. So, heads up ladies!

8. Khetor:

Khetors are visible disembodied soul of a dead person. They are also called pretatma. 'Manuh gayb kori diye' these khetors! A victim on condition of anoynomity revealed that one night on his way home drunk, he was abducted by a khetor. Next morning, he found himself lying amidst a sugarcane plantation. The experience had sent shivers down his spine, he confessed.

9. Kon:

Without a head, they possess a multi-eyed torso.

10. Poruwa:

These 'invisible' (or imperceptible rather) phantoms are alleged to make you forget your destination. Victims caught by poruwa get lost on their way to somewhere, circle around in the same place and remain lost till someone finds them. 'Poruwa'e pua' remind something?
By the way, I think there is someone behind you!
*goosebumps* *goosebumps*

So, how many have you heard of? Share your ghost story with us. We would love to hear from you. Comment below. Sweet dreams for tonight.

Artwork by Priyanka Gogoi. To see more of her works visit her Facebook page The Art World of Pho-Pho-Pho

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