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10 Endearing Things That Make Bohag Bihu Otikoi Senehor

Chayanika Mahanta
Intern, Bordoisila

12th April, 2016

Although 1st of January embarks a new year all across the globe but for the Axomiya folks, it is the Bohag Bihu that fills the void. Also known as the Rongali Bihu, this is our exclusive new year. It is dedicated to honouring the harvesting season with new colours, hopes, happiness and merriment. The entire state of Assam is coloured with the celebrations of Bohag Bihu. “Kulir maat, Dholor saap aru Nasonir naas'ere gutei Axom bhori pore. Bahirot tu Axom bulilei Bihu." Yes, Bihu is like the trademark of Assam and although, anything written on Bohag Bihu is not enough to encompass the joy that it brings, here are the ten things that make our Bohag Bihu Otikoi Senehor:

1.Axomor Dhunia Nasoni joni

The Muga Mekhela Sador with red flowers embroidered on it brings only one thing to our mind - “Axomor dhunia nasoni joni”. Though, there is no denying the fact that every Axomia suwali is otikoi dhunia but in a muga mekhela sador during Bohag Bihu, they look enticingly beautiful. The “wow” kinda!

2.Khupate Kopao phool

The beautiful long purple orchid hanging on the trees reminds us that “Bihu aahi palehi”. And very soon, these beautiful flowers will be seen adorning the bun of the bihu nasoni.

3.Then the custom of Bihuwan is always special

Remember, koka aita’r ghoroloi bihuwan loi jua and seeking their blessings and them gifting us Notun Kapur along with tons of aaxirbad for the notun bosor? Kije phurti lagisil. Also, Bohag is the season of love where young Axomia suwali is seen weaving gamosa for their Senai and singing-

‘Tumaloi aanisu guti phoolor gamosa, majote padum phool pahi

Lukuwai rakhiba xotorue dekhibo, dada e dekhibo aaahi’

4.Aaji aabeli ghorot Husori aahibo!

During Bohag Bihu, aabeli ghoror sutalot, a group of young men singing and dancing to the tune of Dhol, Taal and Pepa is considered very auspicious. At the end, they bless the family with health and prosperity and in return, they are gifted with Tamul, Pan and Bihuwan.

5.Bihu’r ratipua Maah Halodhi di gaa dhuwa

We are all very familiar with the antiseptic properties of Maah Halodhi and so were our ancestors, which perhaps brought the custom of taking bath with Maah Halodhi on the very first day of Bohag. Bihu’r ratipua Maa’e koi “aaji maah halodhi di gaa dhubo lagibo dei!”

6.Deka Gabhoru’r Rang Dhemali

Though it is rare these days, but Mukoli Bihu was a charming way of rang dhemali among the Axomia deka gabhoru, where in an open field under a tree, Bihu Nasoni dances to the beats of the Dhol while the Dholia sings bihu gaan praising her beauty “tuk dekhi mur gaa, keniba keniba lage”.

7.Lau kha Begene kha, bosore bosore barhija

Monot porisene? Another unique custom of our Bohag Bihu where the ghoror goru joni is taken to the nearby pond or river and bathed with maah halodhi.

8.Khai mojja loga Jolpan

We Axomia are all indigenous and yet diverse in our own ways and so is our khua-bua. From dhekit khundi bonoa pitha to til narikol’or laru to 108 variety of xaak cooked into one dish to aamtoli porua’r tup to sira doi gur’or Jolpan, eibilakor kotha bhabilei mukhot pani aahi jai, na? These varieties make our Bihu so “yummylicious”!!!

9.Kije xuria aamar Bihu Geet

Dhol’r saap aru Pepa Gogona’r maator majedi aamar Bihu Gaan. Be it the purona tholowa geet or the new version of it, nothing can match the vibrancy of our Bihu gaan.

10.Eibar Bihu Function khon ketiya hobo?

Axom’t Bihutoli is a common sight these days. From Bihu Kuwori to Husori, from Jeng Bihu to Zubeen aru Papon’or function, you will find everything in a Bihutoli. Starting from April, it goes on until May. Axom'r korubat nohoi korubat tu bihu function hoie thakibo!

“Sote goi goi Bohag’e palehi, phoolile bhebeli lotaa

Koi nu koi thakile uroke nopore, Bohag’or Bihu’r kotha”.

So this Bohag Bihu, let all your worries be left behind. And with hearts full of warmth and vividness, enjoy the Bihu season. And welcome a better and brighter year ahead. Aaru pura pet bhorai khua, mon bhorai naasa aru Bihubolia hoi jua! A very Happy Bohag Bihu.

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