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10 Funny Ways An Assamese Behaves While On Diet

Mehnaz Farooque
Intern, Bordoisila

5th July, 2016

For a generation which mostly survives on fast-food, achieving a proper health is quite a thing. And while we make our mandatory rounds to our favourite KFCs or Dominoes, we gain and gain the calories. Then suddenly we realize that our bodies could do so much better without those extra fats. And finally, we take the road of salvation. We hit the best gym nearby and make a promise to get that body that we always hoped for. But is the journey between this realization and working out is real simple? Well, only a true foodie would understand the pain of denying an amazing meal. So hail all those fighters who fight tasty food and survive the dieting process. And in their honour, I bring you the 10 funny ways an Assamese behaves while on diet.

1.The first days are always motivational

If anyone mistakenly invites the person for an eat out they’ll be like “I am on a diet. Moi Esob Ekdomei Nakhau!”  

2.Then while discussing food, they will always be choosy

“Ro Moi Google Kori Saau Kimaan Calories Hobo. Tar Pasot Decide Korim Khaam Ne Nai!” is the usual scenario.

3.Sometimes dieting turns to skipping meals

Mistakenly they think that’s a good way to lose weight by skipping meals “Jano Ajikali Moi Breakfast e Nokoru Weight Komaabole!”

4.And then on weekends, the diet plan sabotages

They suddenly go “Gutei Week Tu Khua Nai, Aji Tu Khaamei!” and that often goes out of the limit.

5.Workout more and then eat more?

Some of us take the extra pain with severe workouts, but only to cheer themselves up with more food afterwards “Aji Iman Besi Time Gymt Asilu, Olop Besi Ke Khau Bhai!”

6.Then the short trips to the weighing machine

After you have shed some sweat, you automatically feel lighter and so there will be those “Bol Weight Tu Jukhi Ahu” trip a lot more often than necessary.

7.And the constant nagging to check them out

“Oi! Saasun Muk Khin Khin Lagise Ne?” or “Mukh Khon Khinaise Ne Nai, Aaru Pet Tu?”

8.The joy of being able to wear a particular dress is something

“OMG! Sa Ei Dress Tu Murle Hoise.” While for others it might just be a dress.

9.After losing some weight, they try to cheat on the regimes

“Mur Bohut Weight Komil Jano, Heikarne Olop Break Disu. Akou Start Korim!”

10.And those weight losses always have goals

Every person on diet always has a goal “Saabi Tur Biya Loi Moi Ekdom Slim And Trim Hoi Jaam!”

Having a perfect body is everybody’s dream. But working hard for that body is the tough part. While many of us only plan to work for it, some of us actually take the pain and get fitter versions of them. Kudos to them! And for the rest of us who believe there’s always a tomorrow. Well!! God save us! So, eat well and diet better! And hey!!Don’t forget to share with us how your friends behave while they are dieting.


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