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10 Parental Advices Every Assamese Girl Gets While Travelling Alone At Night

Amrisha Priyam
Contributor, Bordoisila

2nd July, 2016

Travelling alone is the first big step in the world of "being independent". And it’s a pretty big deal as in “dangor kotha” for us, the Axomiya girls, because we're blessed with super caring parents who are always concerned about us. Ketiabatu over'e hoi jai! Let alone going on a vacation solo to some new place, just travelling alone by night buses itself seems to be a terrifying step to our parents. But keeping all those risky and scary factors at bay, Axomiya girls are always up for adventures. So here's a list of advices which we Axomiya girls get to hear while travelling alone via night buses to and from Guwahati.


Well it means, for that one night, our phone's going to suffer.

“Xanti napai besera phonetu'e”.


Awww!!! That comes from our super caring maa. Lora-suwali bhuke piyahe thokatu saaboe nuware.


This is one of the most common advices we've been getting since our childhood. And bus't okole jabo pora boyokh hua loiketu uncountable times xuna habit hoi jai. Tothapiu kobo'e aikhar kotha!


Now that is some tip. Jona/nojona loi ki ase, sob kothare first time thake but nubuje heitu funda!


Oh yeah that's an important thing. And if by chance you forget to do that, logalog phone aaha start hoi jabo.


As if we can control the alluring hands of the night and not sleep. After all, Kaziranga'r xei nijaan aaru ekabeka rasta burot nu nuxuake kenekoi thaku!


Yeah okol "nature's call" ahilehe namibole allowed aase nohole nepai okole nami furibole!


Sai loi nu ki korim! Jen chehra dekhilei gom paam kun kenekuwa. But lagile jimanei xahokhi nohou kio, xosakoi'e ebar sai lou pise. Ha-ha!


That's again our super caring maa!! June/july maahor gela gorom holeu maa'r mote aamar eyat thanda, rati bus't thanda lagibo, gotike shawl lagibo.


Because knowing that their daughter is covering a journey of 10/12 hours alone at night, our parents can hardly sleep a wink all through the night.

Though our parents may seem to be a little goofy at times, it's all because of their 'jukhibo nuwara morom' for us. So dear Axomiya girls, do abide by the rules but not at the cost of your dreams and wishes. Life is a voyage in itself. Enjoy it girls. Keep exploring but always be alarmed!


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