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10 Reactions That Show How Axomiyas Regret After Buying A Daami Bostu

Akangkhya Kashyap
Intern, Bordoisila

11th April, 2016

Shopping! The very thought of it boosts up our spirits to another level. Shopping is inevitable. Whether you’re in blues or having a mood swing or very happy, shopping is always the best option. Eitu kinu, xeitu kinu and what not!

But not every purchase satisfies us. There are times when we regret buying something worthless. Couple of times, the bostu kina’r hepaah compels us to place our hands on our foreheads and a ‘dhet teri’ pops out of our lips. Let’s find out what are the few exclamations very common among us Axomiyas.


First thing that strikes your mind when you feel offended by the purchase. Misa misi kinilu iman daam di.


When you realize what you bought is odorkaari.


You don’t know kiba tu ki and so just keep frowning.


For every unproductive daami bostu we buy, tokabur enei jai. Murtu nokhotau.


Tamam loss! When we find someone else has bought the same thing at a lower price. Ouch! That hurts.


Mom and Dad are always hisaabi. Khelimelis with money may lead us fall a prey to their taunts.


Yes, we do think of returns and exchanges. But poisa ghurai pam janu?


These days when facebook likes determine the worth of an object, likes besi napale kidaal hobo?


Daam besi so what? Quality tu bhal! At times, it’s just a way to console though.


For foodies, eating is love. So, when you find that all your money has been spent on your recent expensive purchase that wasn’t of much use, you repent. Khabo’e pariluheten!

Whatever is our reaction to a particular expensive purchase, the next time we go shopping, we do buy a daami bostu and regret about it again. We girls specially, are never satisfied with all that we possess. Talking about shoes, bags and dresses, we pick everything that we find pretty. Guess what I was told once? “Showroom khuliso neki room’t?”.

Shopaholics like me annoy many including themselves. Bozaar golei hol, you like it and uthai onaa hoy. Sometimes it is worthy and much needed while sometimes, we end up lamenting about where all the money went and swearing in the name of God that aajir pora daami bostu bhabi sinti kinim.

So raaiz, when did you last regret?

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