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10 Reasons Why Assamese Parents are Beyond Any Comparison

Shaheen Rahman
Intern, Bordoisila

28th January, 2016

Have you broken up with your best friend? Has your girl deceived you? Has any trouble or hardship hit you leaving you in despair? Chill! All you need is that million-dollar hug from maa and the comforting words from deuta. Truly, your parents are the greatest of treasures you can ever have. Their love for you is devoid of even a single trace of self-interest and is of the highest order. I agree that many other people in your life might also love you quite genuinely but, all that affection and well-wishing put together falls flat when put against the ‘above-comparison’ love of your parents. You still gonna reason?

Well, here are, then, 10 things which make our parents otuloniyo.

Let’s start with Maa – a divine soul in a human body.

1.Because maa ke haathon mein jadu hain

Mothers are the best cooks. From the mouth-watering payokh to the spicy hahor mankho, moms add that special secret ingredient to our food and we get addicted to it. The  taste of her food haunts us when we are not at home.

2.Maa is always that one best friend you can always rely on

You can always trust your maa as your friend. Tell her anything and she won’t be judgmental about it. Your maa knows you and understands you for real. There is no better company than her.

3.Maa is the best care taker you can ever have

Caring about her little betas and betis are always her first priority. She is always concerned about what we eat and what we do. She will lecture you for hours for coming home late and drunk but, at the end would ask you, “Bhaat khali ne heituo bahirot’e mohotiyai ahili?”

4.A worried Mom turns out to be the best detective

A worried maa does a better job than the CID for sure. You cannot hide anything from your mother. Come on! Why do you forget Beta that no matter how chalu you are she is your MAA!

5.Moms are the angels who help heal faster

Believe it or not, the touch of your mother cures half of your bemaar. Whether it is fever or the skin of your elbow has come off, your mom’s presence makes a huge difference.  And, once you are cured, better get ready with your own version of explanation or she will hit you hard on the same place you had hurt yourself.


Now coming to Deutas, The Boss

6.For girls, Deutas are our first love

From the time we have known what love is, we girls always wanted our prince charming to be a shadow of the king of our life. So, for those guys who think they want us, we would simply say our dads are our real life super heroes who have set quite high standards. So, I guess it won’t be that easy.

7.Because he has tried every possible thing just to bring a smile on our face

From toiling extra hours at work to those sleepless nights, our dads have been working selflessly only with that goal of creating a better tomorrow for us .From latest mobiles to laptops, we just demand and they happily give in.

8.He has “BIG DREAMS” for us

Deutas are the best well wishers we may ever have. And, they don’t just wish but put in every effort to get us into the best of everything. From the best colleges to the best tutors, they make sure we get the best of everything.

9.Deutas are the best money lenders having no return policy

Whether it is your birthday or you need extra pocket money, dads are the easiest money transfer machines, that too, having neither interest nor return policy.

10.Deutas are the protectors for life

Whether it be guys or girls, Deutas are always extra protective about us. While not all dads may directly show the concern towards us, but, they do it for sure.

Now, some parents might be conservative and at times, may go hard on their children while others can be liberal enough giving their children enough leeway to play along. But, whatever might be the case, as you move forward in life and encounter various people, you can’t help but only admit the universal truth that parents are irreplaceable and are beyond any comparison.

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