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10 Tried And Tested Bargaining Techniques Every Khati Axomiya Has Mastered

Mehnaz Farooque
Intern, Bordoisila

14th March, 2016

While we have heard that “Shopping is an art”; the trait of pure bargaining is a sheer skill. And everybody isn’t blessed with it. It takes immense guts and efforts to go out there and conquer the shopkeeper’s strategies. And we have some crude tactics that all those Assamese Bargainers can relate to. They are our own Axomiya “daam dor” tactics/one-liners -

1.The “Ei dada imaan besi daam koise” tactic

This one is the first step in the process of playing your side of the game. You need to sound as convincing as you can.

2.The "Heikhon dukaanot dekhun komot dise” tactic

Now the next step is to show that you haven’t just directly landed on that particular shop, even though you have. This one will help you to make a point that you have been around.

3.The“Kihor Fixed Price akou? tactic:

This step is to make the shopkeeper/dada aware of that no board of a fixed price can stop you to bargain. After all, it's worth a shot!

4.The “Dekhatei gom pai etu je imaan daamor nohoi”tactic

Even you know in your heart that you really liked the product, but you have got to camouflage that. Show the “dada” that you’re not that impressed.

5.The “Diya daam kouk aru”tactic

This tactic is to weigh how far can the shopkeeper go. This will help you take a call.

6.The “Aamaak aru notun ke hikabo nalage nohoi” tactic

This step is to signify that you’re locale to that area. That is, you know everything around there. So that he won’t put some arbitrary price.

7.The“Jie nohouk imaanot diok aru” tactic

It is time now to show your cards. You start from your lowest possible bid. Many a times, the shopkeeper gets a shock at this part. But you have to be firm with your decision.

8.The “Aami tu aru aahie thakim no” tactic

Here you will lure the shopkeeper into your future purchases in his shop. And regardless of if you come to that shop again or not, this tactic works pretty smooth.

9.The “Hobo aru nuware Jodi nalage baru” tactic

When the shopkeeper doesn’t give in, play the “Dibo ne jau” card. Put on your acting shoes and reach out to the door. 95% of the times, the shopkeeper will call you back.

10.The“Apunaaru nohoi muru nohoi” tactic

This is the final step to your victory, the “middle price” step. Increase your bid slightly. This will make the shopkeeper feel better. But in your heart you know that you nailed it.

So kudos to the brave bargainers, who circumvent every MRP trap with their valour and wits. And to the beginners, try the above tactics and make yourself proud and at the same time, lighter on your expense.

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