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10 Unpleasant Remarks Every Internet Obsessed Axomiya Student Can Relate To

Mehnaz Farooque
Intern, Bordoisila

27th April, 2016

"Tohotor Khali Download Upload Korare Kotha No?" We are the generation that literally cannot do without internet. And it is quite common now with people talking about our internet obsession.  And why not, we have become so mentally engraved within the worldwide web, that we rarely notice what goes around in the real world. We might have FB friends over a thousand but we hardly know people living around us. And that is how we are - The generation who feels at the rate of megabytes. And therefore our obsession has led us into many discussions. Talking more locally, I bring you the 10 unpleasant remarks that every Internet Obsessed Assamese has faced over time.

1.When we make our huge investments on those net packs.

And we ask Deuta to get us the net packs. He’ll be like “Porohi Recharge Kori Disilu He! Khao neki net packs bur?”

2.When we stick to our phones at all times.

“Ei Phone tue Eehotor Jibon Khale! Khali Internet't Faltu Bostu Sai Fure!” is the very common line".

3.When Kids prefer Clash of Clans over playing outside.

“Ei generation Tu Borbaad. Ihote bhitorot Humai Thakutei Bura Hoi Jabo!”

4.When we text our parents with BRB or Lol.

“Eibur Kun Dekhor Bhakha? Eisob Likhibole Podha Xuna Korisili?”

5.And the times when we share updates on almost anything.

And this bdw is true to some extent, “Eehote Kedinmanor Pasot Uxa Nixa Loleu Status Update Dibo Jen Pau!”

6.When we lookout for Google for everything: And our teachers will be like.

“Googler Pora Copy Kori Likhi Nidiba. Nijor Brain tu Use Koribo Try Kora!”

7.And then the FB taunts we get.

 “O Etu Generation e khali Nijor Logotei Busy Thake!Selfies, Dps Esobei Aaru. Self Obsessed Korbar!”

8.And they really don’t get what the free Wi-Fi sign means.

“Hobo Heikhon Restaurant't Free Wi-Fi Ase Buli Jabo Nalage! Free Wi-Fi Nohoi Jen Free't Khua He Dise. Kaam Nai!”

9.The complains about us being in the virtual world.

And your Dad remarks when your mom asks you about your life “Taar/ Tair Kotha Patibole Time Ase Janu? Chat Korie Hudhi Lua, Tetia Reply Dibo Sage!"

10.And if we happen to complain about the net speed.

"Ki Hol? Aamaar Time't Eibur Eku Nasil Bujili? Hihotor 4G Loiu Aaru Speed Lage!"

And those are some of the ways our generation is being mocked and discussed. To some extent, we are actually obsessed with the whole internet thing. But that cannot deny the positive sides of the internet too. The trick is to keep a balance. So that, you have a life outside the logins and logouts. And be interactive more on a personal level than just the likes and comments. So, take out time for family and friends but do keep sharing and liking our posts !

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