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10 Unpleasant Things Every Assamese Who Hates Mathematics Can Relate To

Mehnaz Farooque
Intern, Bordoisila

4th April, 2016

Maths is a subject that is dreaded by many all over the world. It can even be stated as the most hated and misunderstood of all the subjects. Hated, for it brings pain and hurt to the ones not being able to cope with it. And misunderstood, for it is often projected in a dramatic way. It can drain out the soul of a poor student and suck the life out of them. No wonder it remains a paradox to a happy student-hood, solved by only the few lucky and ingenious ones. So in the honour of this great subject with a special reference to our Axomiya Satro/Satris, I bring you 10 things that only a Math Hater will relate to-

1.Math isn’t merely a subject, it is a measure of your abilities at school.

Even if you score fairly in the other subjects, you’ll still be a fool to your teachers, parents and families.

“Maths Najano Gadho Korbaar!”

2.Math Tuitions are mandatory always.

If there was a way, our parents would have given us for math tuitions right from our birth.

“Beleg subject't Jiye Nokoro, Maths'r Tution Loboe Lagibo!” Dare to overdo that!

3.Going against the basic logic of the subject, most students learn math by heart.

Now that is really something ha?

“Bey Eku Buji Pua Nasilu Heikarone Moi Gutei Sums Keita Mukhosto Kori Lolu”

4.Some students look for “common” questions, that too for Math.

“Ma’am, Keitamaan Common Di Diok Nah” is always on the cards”. And God forbid, if the questions in the exams have even the slightest of alterations - Lord saves thy child!

5.There will be formulas hanging on the wall right in front of your eyes.

Even  if you hardly pay any attention, there will always be those formulas hanging there.

“Soku Khulie Jaatei Dekha Pua Jai!”

6.The Tables are rather rhymes that bring nightmares.

Who wouldn’t remember the One-One ja One thing, which is by the way actually One-Ones are One! There’s nothing called ja here. And we all rhyme our tables with the “Ja”.

7.The Nomenclature of math’s units scare us more.

The ALGEBRA, the TRIGONOMETRY, the GEOMETRY feels like some ancient rulers ruling our innocence. And the famous line, “Kune Je Maths Uliae Le, Taak Khali Pabo De!”

8.The ray of hope that our parents enlighten us with.

“Bas Class 10'r Loi Kenebake SuSori Bagori Maths Tu Ne Aaru”. But that costs us our complete school life.

9.The Students who are good at math appear to be Demigods.

There are the ones who suck at math and then the ones who score whooping marks for the same questions.

“Ki Khao Bey Ghorot Tohoti?” is the question you ask those demigods.

10.Then for some, there’s the extended Maths.

Advanced Maths: And the ones aspiring to study science, the parents be like, “Science Podhibo Hole Advanced Maths Pariboe Lagibo, Nohole Tur Jibon Hekh!” .But we all know that isn’t really true

As we grow, the trauma of mathematics is somewhere subdued. And we move on to our respective interests. And the ones for whom math don’t work can get out of it eventually. But that doesn’t mean it won’t affect us at all. We will see the revival of the plight in the next generations too. So always get your numbers right, okay?

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