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11 Annoying Moments You Can Relate To If You Have a Kaamur Assamese Neighbour

Ankita Kakaty
Intern, Bordoisila

26th March, 2016

Society has always been a part and parcel of our lives. Assamese society is somewhat multifaceted with a “Ghorua Poribekh” which is normally not seen elsewhere. And, among our social groups, neighbours figure high. From coming to our rescue in danger to playing an active role in our celebrations, neighbours have always been in our good books. However, you have to admit that there exists a section of them who are nosey as hell and their kaamur make us yell. Here is a list of 11 annoying things every Assamese having such a neighbour has to deal with.

1.The moment you step out of the house, you will end up meeting one typical Aunty saying

Maina/Baba kot jua. Kiba kam asil niki?

Your Secret Reaction – Mur tu aase. Aapunar kaam nai jen paisu.

2.That neighbour who hardly talks to your family suddenly becomes extremely curious to know your exam results.

Heri, Deepa Baideur Lora/Sualir result dileni? Kenekua korise?

Your Secret Reaction – Apunar lora/sualit ke bhal korise.

3.While returning home late after a hectic office day; your neighbour stops you to say

O aji deri hol je aahute, kot goisila?

Your Secret Reaction – Carrom kheli asilu footpath’t. Apunak kio!!

4.The day when you get dropped by your male friend

Kali je lora jon ahisil, kun hoi tumar?

Your Secret Reaction – Aapuni ji hunibo bisarise, takei hoi.

5.When some guests visit your place on a weekend, there will always be this neighbour asking us

Tumaluk’r ghorot aji gari ekhon dekhisilu. Kun ahisil??

Our Secret Reaction – Obama ahisil. Sah khai gol ge.

6.Whenever we meet a lesser-known neighbour at a public place, they would bore us with the same old question

Muk sini paisa ne?

Our Secret Reaction – Kun Hoi Apuni??!!

7.There will always be this neighbour plucking the lovely flowers from our garden who end up saying

“Pujar karone phul olop lagisil. Singi lolu dei beya napabo”

Our Reaction – Rubo kune? Apunar putere?

8.If you own both a bike and a car and you decide to take you car to office for a change, that neighbour intrudes again

“Aji gari loi ulala je, office nai ni?”

Your Secret Reaction – Nai Khura. Long drive’t jau. Jabo?

9.That moment of annoyance when you are finely dressed up to go to office and your neighbour is like

Aji eman haji kasi je, ki kotha???

Your Hidden Reaction – Apunar matha.

10.When you become a victim of unexpected rain and reach home all drenched, up goes the kaamur

“Eman keneke titila. Sati nia nai ni?”

Your Hidden Reaction – Ase tu sati. Kintu Invisible.

11.Whenever we take a leave from work/college, your nosey neighbour always asks

“Aji office/college nujua?”

Our Reaction – Jaam. Godhuli ke.


These kinds of nosey neighbours are least bothered about our success. All they want is some hot scoop for an evening meal discussion. They possibly exist in every society with a functional error to poke their pointed nose into else’s privacy, but an Assamese snoopy neighbour, although kaamur, is a fun character. So, guys, pay them back in the same coin but wittily. Let them give you kaamur. Tumi ako khongote hosake kaamuri nidiba. Ha-ha!

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