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17 Everyday Assamese Words That Show How Creative We Axomiyas Are

Bistirna Barua
Contributor, Bordoisila

29th March, 2016

Axomiyas are beautiful appropriators. We appropriate everything. We have this knack of taking a word and using in such a delightful way that even the speakers of the language, from which the word actually originated, will have trouble, understanding it. I, as a khati Axomiya, attribute this to our creative skills. We are, what can be called “The Experimenters”. And I am not just implying  the tomato ketch-up with  Momo kinda experimentation. Hell no! We are much more.

We use language, even our own language, in ways that has to be heard to be believed. Here are some words used in day to day Axomiya conversations and their many layered meanings.


Used in common parlance by Guwahati City Bus'or conductors, who mix the English GO with the Axomiya “JUWAA” which means “To go” and come up with this delectable word. Don’t believe me? Ride a city bus, my friend!


If you are called a Metal, you are a bloody nerd. Preferably the user would like to maintain a distance of a minimum of 100 mts. from you, before they are bored to death, by you !Nobody specifies the metal. So you could be anything from Tungsten to Argentum.


If you are a mokkel, bhai, you are god damn stupid and your stupidity will even put Suppandi to shame.


Generally used in an exclamatory mood, it signifies appreciation mixed with a tinge of disbelief.


Signifies a forced affirmation and also gives out a certain sense of masculine power.


A beautiful way of saying that you bore the shit out of everyone, are a complete parasite of everyone's time, and are frankly, a burden on the Axomiya soil.


Although a Noun, it can also be used in many other forms, especially to indicate a kind of unforeseen complexity as in Case tu Nogen !


Generally used to indicate a liquid state, can also be used to suggest a certain sound effect as in PENPENAISE.


Generally used to indicate the superlative-st of the superlative degree. Can also be used to mean extreme.


Have heard it being used only by my father, so don't know if it finds public usage, he uses it to mean a good-for-nothing kind of person.


Another word I have heard in Upper Assam, which is generally used to indicate a lazy bum, who takes it all too lazily, like a ghura, doing his soring in utter nonchalance


A beautiful word that signifies a kind of dejected acceptance, a sordid, reluctant affirmation of a point. Got it? No? Dhuii…


Generally a tonal word that mimics the air rushing out of a balloon on being burst, in general signifies an utter failure.


A beautiful tonal word that stands for the rhythm of a Dheki, that you can find in almost all Axomiya rural households.


A word generally used to describe utter chaos in one’s appearance.


One who bores you with his incessant speech.


A noun, a woman’s name, also describes a kind of beautiful liaison. Used most prominently by Ajit Baruah as in “ভাবি চালে লিলিমাই এই জীৱনত একো নাই’’ and by Sentu Dada who says Besi lilimai nokoribi !

The etymology of these words, I guess will be an exercise in amazement. Boidyo share kora.

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