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5 Axomiya Bedtime Stories That Made Your Childhood Awesome

Samagnee Baruah
Intern, Bordoisila

6th March, 2016

CHILDHOOD. It is not just a word, it is a part. A part of our life. From fights to stories, childhood is the best part of anyone’s life. As kids, we all were so excited to grow up, but now we all know that childhood was the best part of our life. Life was much easy and fun back then. And when it comes to childhood, we all remember those stories which our Aaitas used to tell us! We used to finish our homework or dinner fast-fast and run to our Aaitas to listen to our favourite bedtime stories from Burhi Aai’r Hadhu!

So, here are five stories from Burhi Aai’r Hadhu that made our childhood real special.


The heart-wrenching story of a vile step mother and her daughter - the story is all about how this Maahimaa (step mother) tries her best to kill Tejimola. Although she succeeds, her victory doesn’t last for many days.


We all know this story, right? A fun filled story revolving around a family, where the son in law tries to keep his night blindness disorder a secret from his in-laws. But alas! The in-laws, one fine day, are able to find out his hidden secret!


The story revolves around an elderly couple and the gang of foxes. How this clever Burhi outfoxes this gang of foxes is what the story is all about!


The story of the daughter of an eagle. The story is all about how she, the Silonir Jiyek was unaware of the things happening around the world and how her life changes after getting married to this Kumar!



A story of an old woman who lived in a very wretched and run-down house and as such, was scared of Digholthengia, mane rain. The story revolves around the thief and the tiger, who come to Burhi’s house to steal her cow but get scared of the word Digholthengia, unable to fathom its meaning and thus, fail in their attempt.

These stories of Burhi Aair Hadhu provided pleasure, satisfied the curiosity of the child and introduced them to the world around in such a smooth manner. With the help from the old, the kids got to know about the world in an entertaining way. I know, there are 25 more stories from the Burhi Aair Hadhu, but these five are my favourite, you know! So peeps, which one is yours? Quickly share in the comments section!

“Aamaru kaapur kani kola hol, ami gusi ahilu!”

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