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5 Kinds Of Assamese Puwalis That Can Drive You Insane

Rehana Ahmed
Contributor, Bordoisila

5th May, 2016

Childhood is either the world of miracle or of magic. It is as if creation rose luminously out of the night, all new, fresh and astonishing. It is true that children teach us many things - to increase our patience level, for instance. Because, “ketiaba ketiaba matha – gorom huwa tu” is quite natural. Here are 5 types of bacchas/puwalis who compel us to lose our cool! PHEW!!!

1.The "Cricket-Premi" baccha.

You’re preparing for a very important exam and this baccha from nowhere comes and urges you to play “bat-ball” with him.

Dada/Baa , bat-ball khelim”!

You be like, “Beta, aji tur logot cricket khelile kailoi ball tuke nombor hisape paam”!

2.The “Jumping Jack” baccha.

Some puwalis are so energetic, they simply have no impulse control and we feel like a broken record in front of them. We constantly have to take him/her off the couch and re-direct them to other toys or outside, yet, they would always end up back on the couch.

Misa kole nu ki hobo, “khong’e uthi jai, ketiaba”!

3.The “Wailing" baccha.

No matter what you do to please that child; bring him/her toys, act like a joker, make faces or even groove to the weirdest of the songs; that puwali won’t stop!

Xosake, “tema – suti jai tetia”!

4.The “Artistic” baccha.

These puwalis piss you off by constantly asking for “kaath-pencil aru bohi” just to show his/her creative skills.

“Nijei eman dinor pora pencil’r much dekha nai, tuk kor pora dim”!

5.The “Peek-a-Boo” khelibo khuja baccha.

You’re trying hard to spot that child as your aunt has directed you.

"Majoni/Babu, amar eyak olop sabasun, korobat pori jabo!"

And that xoru baccha comes from behind the curtains just to scare you and make that peculiar sound “boooooooooo!”

You can’t help muttering, “Jaa ekebare bor bhoi khaisu moi, kantoliya sor nukhua agote bol mur logot”!

So, until all these types of xoru bacchas/puwalis visit us, let us just sit back and relax! Because when they’ll arrive, we need to put our best foot forward. Ki korim aru, upai je nai”!!!

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