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5 Reasons Why Assam Police Deserves More Respect from Us

Shaheen Rahman
Intern, Bordoisila

25th January, 2016

Be it the Chulbul Pandey of Dabang or the Bajirao of Singham, onscreen Policemen have always been able to earn our whistles and extravagant praise. But, do we feel the same about our Assam Police in real life? If ‘no’ is your answer, then, here are a few things about them which might change the notion you have about them.

1.They go through one of the toughest training sessions

Unlike most of the other job starters, the initiation of a new comer in the department of Police is tough. From crawling meters on the ground to learning how to shoot, a policeman has to go through rigorous and uphill challenges.

2.They are kept deprived of the basic accommodation facilities

Have you ever tried to have a look at their place of stay? The quarters they stay in hardly have proper facilities unlike other official quarters. Water dripping roofs, flood prone plots and cramped living space are common in these places.

3.What they earn is less than what they actually deserve

When all the officials today are paid handsomely, the police force has to make do with a meager amount. Considering the hard work they put in, the pay scale should have been one of the highest. Instead, all they get is peanuts, thus, leaving them frustrated and cranky.

4.‘Sunday ho ya Monday roz jao Thane’ – the story of every Policeman

The number of holidays for the people in this department is relatively nil. Be it the national holidays or the regional ones, they hardly get to spend quality time with their dear ones. In fact, they end up working extra hours just to make sure we celebrate our time well and safely.

5.Because being a Policeman is a matter of risk

Be it an angry mob or a bunch of dacoits, a policeman has to confront every risk he faces and try their best to safeguard the people around. They have to be on their toes, always.

We often come across condescending and derogatory statements like ‘rakshak ban gaye bhakshak’ for our Assam Police but, hardly do we try to figure out the challenges they really face. Once we do, I’m sure, we will end up being a bit more grateful to our Policemen.

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