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6 Not-So-Sinful Lies That No Assamese Can Ever Escape From

Izaaz Ahmed
Managing Editor, Bordoisila

30th January, 2016

Lies can be of thousand different kinds. Some might cause serious damage and hence, should be thwarted by all means while some, on the other hand, are harmless and too banal to escape from. And, when this second kind of lies is used by our parents as a ‘prolubhon' for us just like a fisherman uses a decoy to catch fishes, it breaks through all our defenses and makes us fall a prey to it. Let's glance through them chop-chop!

1.Work hard and do well in your matriculation exams. Your life depends on it

2.Just study hard for two more years (Class 11 and Class 12) and your life is set

3.C'mon! Start preparing for your PG/MBA/UPSC/GMAT etc. ‘Sob logor bilak aagole ulai jabo and toi thakibi eiyate.' Once you are settled, do whatever you want.'

4.Now that you are settled and approaching 30; get married first! Enjoy as much as you want later. ‘Aami norokhau no tuk.'

5.Now that you've become a father, your only aim is to secure your child's future. ‘Furti korar karone gutei jeevon pori aase.'

6.And, then, in a flash, your child reaches Class 10 and you start this epic ‘cycle of lies' all over again, thus completing the circle of life

So, folks, do you agree with me? Don't these lies in a way make our life complete? Or, you think that lies are lies and should be done away with, no matter what? All ears for your responses.

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