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6 Reasons Why Axomiyas Prefer Having Traditional Food On Kolpaat

Chayanika Mahanta
Intern, Bordoisila

21st April, 2016

Today, meals are served in beautiful dinner sets, expensive china or the easily available plastic plates. However, you cannot agree more that Kolpat’ot bhaat khuar aamej’e beleg. In fact, not just Bhaat, Aamar Axom’t tu Kolpat is used in various occasions from serving Maah Prohad in Namghar to Khichidi during Durga Puja to Jolpan during family functions like Biya and Xokam. Guys, monot porene rodot bohi Kolpaat’ot robobtenga aru kesa aam sokoliaai khua din bur? However, did we ever stop and think that why is it only the Kolpaat that we always go for. Therefore, here I bring to you 6  probable reasons why Aami Axomia’e Kolpaat’ot khai bhal pau.

1.Let us save some Water

‘Aaji ghorot pani nai, Kolpaat’ot te khua bhal.’ Even before serving, it does not require much water to clean them. Just sprinkle some water, rinse and your plate is ready.

2.Look at the size

You can get the plate of your own size. Jiman dangor lage, kolpaat khon kati lua aru paat bhorai khua.

3.Comes for Free

In Axom, you will find Kolgos in abundance. So, many a times, whenever there is a plate required to serve, Maa’e koi ‘ ja sun kolpaat ekhon kati loi aah’.

4.Health benefits are ogonon

It is said that banana leaves contain plant compounds called polyphenols like EGCG which are natural anti-oxidants and help prevent many diseases. Banana leaf is also believed to have an anti-bacterial property that kills any germ present in the food, thereby, keeping us fit and fine.

5.Eco-friendliness is the need of the hour

Kolpaat decomposes easily unlike aaji kali’r plastic plates that can be seen scattered around dustbins. Therefore, Kolpaat use kori, we can keep our city clean and green.

6.Adds a Flavour

The waxy texture of the banana leaf is perfect to serve our Axomia dishes; be it Khar, Kosu or Masor Tenga. Moreover, it is the reason behind “Kolpaat’or Taste” - when hot dishes are served in the leaf, the wax in it melts and adds a subtle yet distinct flavour to the food. Kolpaat’t khai kiba eta belegei taste nalage janu?

The custom of having meals in Kolpaat might have stared due to shortage of water or its easy availability. However, over the years it has become an irreplaceable part of our culture. Whatever might be the reason, Kolpaat’ot bhaat khai kintu we all become kinda nostalgic as it brings back fond memories. Not possible everyday but jetiya chance pua ekhaj Kolpaat’ot khailoba dei.

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