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6 Reasons Why Gamosa Is an Irreplaceable Asset to the Assamese Society

Samagnee Baruah
Intern, Bordoisila

3rd February, 2016

Gamosa is downright intrinsic to the Assamese culture. It has such a profound significance that only an Axomiya would understand. Although, technically, ‘ga’ means body and ‘mosa’ means to wipe, which makes Gamosa an ordinary towel; this piece of fabric has got much more to it and has forever enjoyed an exalted status in the Assamese society. So, then, let’s have a look at some of the things that make Gamosa so pivotal to us.

1.We gift Gamosa to our elders in our very own Bihu

Axomiya suwalis and buwaris are too busy before Bohag Bihu. Do you know why? The answer is, they are busy weaving Gamosa. Anyone who drops by somebody’s house on Bihu, the host family always welcomes the person with a Phulaam Gamosa to show their love and respect towards the other person.

2.The male Bihu dancers wear Gamosa on their waist or head

Axomiya deka loras wear Gamosa in our traditional Bihu dance. As we have already seen in Assamese movies, the girl they love usually gift them their Bihuwaans which they put on with pride while dancing.

3.Gamosa is used in religious activities of Assam

The Gohain Thapona in Monikut of our naamghors is covered with Gamosa. Gamosa plays a very essential part in any Assamese religious occasion. We even cover our religious books with Gamosa.

4.Gamosa symbolizes the culture of Assam

Let it be a small gathering with a few esteemed guests or a grand function with foreign guests, the first and foremost thing for the host is to welcome the guests with a Phulaam Gamosa. We welcome them with the utmost valuable thing that we Axomiyas possess.

5.We carry Gamosa with us when we visit Naamghor

Gamosa is hung around the neck when we visit naamghors. And when we take hewa in front of the GohainThapona, we take Gamosa.

6.Gamosa is used by every Assamese

Be it a Hindu or a Muslim. Be it a Brahmin or an Ahom, gamosa cuts across every Assamese. It binds us all and is a matter of pride for every Assamese.

Gamosa has always been close to our heart and will always continue being so. In fact, the Axomiyas have only magnified its scope of late as one can see Gamosa making inroads into the fashion world in the form of Gamosa shirt and Gamosa blouse.

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