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6 Times Adil Hussain Gave the Bollywood Actors a Run For their Money

Biswajeet Nath
Intern, Bordoisila

17th March, 2016

It takes a lot to have the courage to follow what you love. And only the blessed few ones can shine like the morning sun, and stand out in what they do. From doing stand-up comedy acts with the Bhaya Mama Group to making his way into Bollywood and Hollywood, this small-town guy has left all of us at a loss for words with his epic performances. Yes, we are indeed talking about Mr. Adil Hussain. If you still aren’t able to recognize him, this legendary actor is from Goalpara, Assam and has already started drawing everyone’s attention with his endearing acting skills. And today we are summing up some of his must-watch performances till date, only to show our love towards him.

1.Jasoos Vijay (As Vijay)

For the people who aren’t familiar with this name, it was a crime-thriller based television series and was aired from 2002 to 2006 on Doordarshan. And our guy played the lead role, Vijay, in the first season. Vijay was portrayed as a detective who solved mysteries and was also HIV positive which was, however, revealed in the end of the season. It was a clever initiative by Doordarshan to create awareness among the people about AIDS.

2.Agent Vinod (As Colonel)

Earlier, Adil did a cameo in Abhishek Chaubey’s ‘Ishqiya’ which was praised by many and got him attention, but his first major role was in Sriram Raghavan’s ‘Agent Vinod’, where we saw him as a suave colonel. Though his role had negative shades, we loved his charm.

3.English Vinglish (As Satish Godbole)

The movie itself was a big hit and starred Sridevi in the lead role. Here, Adil played the role of Sridevi’s husband, Satish Godbole, who would mock his wife for her poor english-speaking skills.

4.Life of Pi (As Santosh Patel)

Life of Pi, based on the novel by the same name which was authored by Yann Martel, was a true inspiration. The movie was directed by the famous Filmmaker/storyteller Ang Lee. Here, Adil played the role of Pi Patel’s Father, Santosh Patel. The character Adil played was that of a rationalist, who wanted his son ‘Pi’ to understand things. The character was indeed demanding but we all know how gracefully Adil did his work.

5.Lootera (As Inspector K.N Singh)

Based on O. Henry’s story, ‘The last Leaf’, Lootera truely was a masterpiece, and was brought to screen by Vikramaditya Motwane. Adil played Inspector K.N Singh, who is on a pursuit to hunt down Varun Shrivastav (played by Ranveer Singh).

6.Main Aur Charles (As Amod Kanth)

This is one of my personal favorites.  ‘Main Aur Charles’ is narrated from the perspective of an Indian cop Amod Kanth, played by Adil ,who is responsible for handling the case of the charming but enigmatic serial killer Charles Sobhraj. The movie was based on true plots and Adil was seen giving a magnificent performance.

We are so proud of him for keeping Assam in the limelight and holding our attention with his stellar performances. And we are sure that there's a lot to come from this powerhouse of talent in the days to come. The people of Assam would always want to see more of him.

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