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7 Assamese Insulting Phrases You Must Use to Earn the World’s Respect

Izaaz Ahmed
Managing Editor, Bordoisila

5th February, 2016

Well, insulting somebody just for the heck of it is really gross. But, when some people plainly ask for it because of their disgusting activities or habits, it’s wiser to vent out your annoyance than to keep it unreleased. And, Ah! What a relief it would be when you find that fitting word or phrase which you know would have a telling effect on such people. Thankfully, Axomiya language has got many such phrases which when used can have a ‘tamam’ effect. Let’s glance through some.








You see, with so much of irritation around, you always must be ready with some ‘chaliya’ aces up your sleeve that would make people go speechless and feel terrible at the same breath. So, aarombho korok use kora because it’s time to pay them back in the same coin. And, do add any other phrase in the comment section below that I’ve given a miss.     

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