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7 Beautiful Moments You Can Relate To Only If You Have a Bhonti

Akangkhya Kashyap
Contributor, Bordoisila

29th February, 2016

A sister is always adorable and if you’re a girl, you’ll exactly know what it feels to not have your puali sister around. I have been away from home for the last three years and trust me, I know how miserable it feels whenever I think about all the fun we had together. A bhonti is a blessing in disguise, dear folks and here is a list of 7 points to prove me right.

1.Maa’k Nokobi Dei

When both of you agree upon the term maa’k nokou, there’s nothing that can stop you both from blabbering all day long. Crushes, enemies, love stories, travel plans, music bands, dreams, etc you talk it all.

2.She will lend you her shoulder when you need to cry your heart out. And she will wipe away your tears when it's all over.

No matter what, your bhonti can’t stand to see you sad. Be it a terrible day in school, a bad breakup, or just another heated arguement with maa, at the end of the day she is that one person who will act all grown-up for some time and be like hobo de. And voila, you have your smile back on! 

3.Ki koru ko naa!

She looks up to you for suggestions and bits of advice. This makes you feel owned, respected, loved and trusted in your own way. You acquire a feeling of responsibility and show them the right path.

4.You manage to own hundreds of dresses together.

Mur orange top tu pindhi saasun, bhal lagibo tuk’. Yes, mix and match. Sisters are at a benefit in this matter. Ejonie ejonir kapur pindhibo paru after all. And the best part is, you do not need to repeat the same clothes very often!

5.Ki lagibo ko?

You always make sure to get something for your puali on every homecoming. And finally as when she opens it up with a beaming smile on her face, it makes your day.

6.Oi eitu gaan xun, borhiya hoy.

She makes you listen to her favourite playlist, and you've got to hear it through. Although this may be irritating as hell sometimes, but eventually you learn to get used to the drama. After all, variety is the spice of life, nohoi janu?

7.Hahi hahi pagol hom!

There’s nothing funnier than you and your tikli’s jokes when you both are together. You can’t stop but ROFL and ROFL. My one tells me, “tur mukh khon dekhilei hahi uthe, moy porhi thakute mur soku’r agot nahibi.” Probably I’ve got the funniest of faces.

But whatever be it, bhonti ejoni laagei. She can be your archangel, and she can be your best friend. The kiss she places on your cheek is the best feeling to cherish. Tag your lil sister in a comment below, show her how much she means to you. #LoveYouBhonti
*muah muah*

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