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7 Facts About the Assamese Every Non-Assamese Ought to Know

Mary Jane
Content Developer, Bordoisila

15th May, 2016

First things first, when I say non-Assamese, I mean it geographically and not anthropologically.  You may be a Muslim, a Hindu, a Bengali, a Marwadi or, a Bihari. As long as you can call yourself an Assamese with pride, it does not matter what religion you profess or what customs you follow, you belong to the Greater Assamese family anyway. Cutting the crap short, here are a list of ten facts we would love to spill at our friends or co-workers from other parts of India who know ‘kosuguti’ (meaning Colcasia) about our place.

1.Before calling us a breed of savage jungle-dwellers, take a moment and think again. Because unlike you people, we (entire North East this time) know how to respect our women.

2.I cannot tell for sure whether or not you even know this but there is over 80% chance that the cup of ‘chai’ you had this morning was made with tea leaves from Assam.

3.The Assamese are not as polemic as Arnab Goswami. So please, stop stereotyping as ‘fire-spitting dragons’ because we are a breed of calm and composed people. For Christ’s sake, don’t go and Google Akhil Gogoi videos now.

4.If you had learnt somewhere that the Assamese people don’t know shit about business and you can milk us easily, I’m very sorry to disappoint you but the scene is quite different now. Assam is evolving into a major entrepreneurial hub real fast. Our youth is already out there doing the necessary research.

5.At one point of time when the terror of dowry haunted every expecting mother in the rest of India, the Assamese society was completely ignorant of the idea. Although over the years dowry-related deaths from Assam have surfaced, I think it is mainly because of the cultural mélange Assam is becoming.

6.Just because we happen to be a cool breed of people doesn’t necessarily make us vulnerable. We make one of the finest regiments of the Indian Army- the Assam Rifles.

7.Zubeen Garg is one of the finest playback singers of India. Many of you may not perhaps know this but for the song ‘Ya Ali’, after numerous failed attempts by almost all leading vocalists, Zubeen Garg was finally chosen for the playback because only his voice could reach the scale the music director demanded.

There is a lot more to Assam than just ‘Kamakhya’ and ‘Kaziranga’. Come visit this amazing land of blue hills and red rivers and discover the magic yourself.

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