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7 Larger-Than-Life Freedom Fighters from Assam Many Indians Haven't Probably Heard of

Neelakshi Das
Intern, Bordoisila

25th January, 2016

They had promised their families to do something for their country. Well, they did much more than just keeping their word - went as ordinary men but got transformed into larger-than-life heroes by the dint of their valour and deep sense of patriotism.

This Republic Day, we bring for you the profiles of some of the most prominent freedom fighters from Assam who made their actions speak louder than their words.








We, the Assamese people are well known for our simplicity but, at the same time, we are extremely dedicated and hardworking apart from being courageous and resolute. The great souls mentioned above are the perfect example of that.

Freedom didn't just dawn upon Assam. It was rather earned through years of sacrifice and unflinching determination and a deep love for the country.


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