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7 Photographs Why Fishing in Assam is a Must Try!

Asutosh Kashyap
Contributor, Bordoisila

6 September, 2015

You know the old age saying? When there's smoke,there's definitely a fire. Well, the same goes for water bodies and fish. And with the mighty Brahmaputra flowing by,it's pretty easy to guess why Assamese love their fish so much. Rou,Illish,Cheetol, Misa Maas....oh, the joy that sparks off in the eyes of an Assamese when he hears these names!

Fishing has been an important occupation since the times of the hunter gatherers. And though we may have advanced so much, the rustic significance of fishing is something that still lingers beautifully. Here are some photos which act as evidence of the above statement.


Location: Kaziranga


Location: Raha


Location: Jorhat


Location: Kaziranga


Location: Guwahati


Location: Kaziranga


Location: Kaziranga

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