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7 Reasons Why Jatin Bora Phase Was the Best Phase of the Assamese Film Industry

Mehnaz Farooque
Intern, Bordoisila

13th March, 2016

“Ji Hiya Diya Niyar khelot naamein; teu bhaal pua jonor thikona nibisare”

Jatin Bora, the most sought after poster boy of the Assamese films, has been the most celebrated actor of the region too. And we all miss his movie days. And so, purely in his honor, we bring you the reasons why the “Jatin Bora phase” would always secure the utmost special place in our hearts.

1.Jatin Bora isn’t just an actor, he is a HERO

Jatin Bora is particularly, a Hero. He did roles that turned out to become familiar and even larger than life. And thus, he couldn’t be just an actor in the leading roles; he became bigger than that, he became the HERO of this industry, "Amaar aapun Hero"

2.His films were contemporary

The reason that this man could rule the hearts of the youth was that his movies were very contemporary. He came as a fresh air to breathe. With major hits like Hiya Diya Niya, Nayak, Suren Suror Putek, Kanyadaan ecetera, he became the generation’s icon. His films were reflections of the modern Axom.

3.Jatin Bora knew to bring the lover boy on screen

Boy! He knew romance, “Prem kunu protijyogitar naam nohoi, Hiyae buji pua ek xosa anubhutie hol prem”

Romance is something that every person connects to. And a hero must know how to romance his leading ladies on screen, which is a sheer forte of our poster boy.

4.He brought stardom with him

A few actors get to taste stardom in their careers. And Jatin Bora is one of them. His journey from an actor to a superstar of the region also shows the upgrading graph of the then Assamese films.

5.The versatility of the actor is definitely noteworthy

Jatin Bora has raw acting skills. He has the versatility to play different characters and is never stereotyped. He has great comic timing, commendable onscreen presence and had even charmed the dark shaded roles.

6.His films were commercial successes

To a very large extent, Jatin Bora’s time was the golden period of the Assamese cinema. His films were out and out success at the box office. There was a time where his films had great openings at the theatres, which is seldom found these days.

7.Jatin Bora bedazzled the songs of Zubeen da

How endearing it was to watch Jatin Bora lip-syncing the one and only,  Zubeen da's romantic numbers. After all who could possibly do the "Motoliya Botahe..Uri aahi kole je..Paharore surake meghe meghe jase hiyare ador " better than Jatin Bora?

Perhaps, Jatin Bora had his own niche in the Assamese Cinema. He had his audiences, his own fan following. It is like he raised this industry's entertainment quotient and made us look forward to his movies. And therefore, he remains to be one of our favourite all time heroes of the Assamese Cinema.

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