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8 Common Questions Every Assamese Faces When Going Home For a Short Stay

Izaaz Ahmed
Managing Editor, Bordoisila

25th March, 2016

Who doesn’t like their hometown? The place which has given you a truckload of tender memories, the environs which had enriched every ounce of your childhood, and that distinctive aura which has never failed to hold you spellbound – Ah! The love for one’s hometown is beyond the highest forms of articulation. And this love just shoots up further when you are staying away from your hometown. Unable to deflect the enticements dished out by your native place anymore, when you finally head to your place for a brief stay, you get subjected to a wide range of remarks and questions from the moment you arrive till the time you depart. Let’s relive those moments.


Although asked with a benign intention, one doesn’t quite appreciate it. Reason – ‘Ei matro aahisu he. Juar kotha hudhile kunenu bhal pai.’


This can come from anyone. A fairness measurement scale would come handy, what say? Logot thoba.


And we keep thinking how to respond. So, don’t risk this question bondhu. Make it a point to thrust your face to his attention seconds after you reach and go like, ‘Moi aahilu. Moi aahilu.’


Now, we all love this question and smile sheepishly as we know it is just a precursor to all those ‘Maa’e bonuwa delicious khana’ which would keep coming on a platter as long as we stay. Ha-ha!


Put all the blame on your family and get away, “Jua baar aahunte dekhun tumalukei khuwai khuwai hokot korala”.


Although not entirely inappropriate, it pinches us again and we resolve to stash some cash from now, only to fail miserably all over again.


 Between the last two ‘bhoyonkor’ questions, you always go for the second one - “Bhalei aaru” and react inside, “Salary koi morilei hobo”.


Again this prosno annoys us as we think , “Ekhete moi tat furibo he goisu buli bhabe niki”  but we gently reply, “ Hi bohut durot thake je Uncle. Log kora nohoi”.

While some of these trite remarks are concern-filled, the others merely serve the purpose of pleasantries. Some might leave you baffled while the others might get your cognition dazzled. But, at the end of the day, it’s absolutely worth it. After all, hometown is hometown, all else is a matter of frown. For the love of your hometown and mine – Let’s live it up!


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