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8 Effective Pranks Every Assamese Must Have Played On April Fool's Day

Mehnaz Farooque
Intern, Bordoisila

31st March, 2016

What a beautiful idea it is to have a day to play pranks! April fool’s Day, the name itself brings a smile to our faces. This is a day where we are allowed to be a little devilish and naughty irrespective of our ages. Although fooling people on this day does become a little tough as everyone gets prepared to be roasted, we all manage to make some cult memories out of the day eventually. So, as we have a brand new April fool’s Day, let us go down the memory lane and revive those all time favourite pranks that we played.

1.The most common prank of all times during the landline phone days

We always start with family, “Dada Tur Le Phone Aahise!”

And then as your brother rushes to the phone and says “Hello”, you are ready to shout “April Fool April Fool”.

2.Then the other prank that requires just a little acting talent

“Maa Tumaar Mukhot Kiba Lagi Aase!” and your eyes lit up when your mom inspects her face.

3.And your plans for the day at school have to start with this one

“Oi Tuk Sir' e Matise Staff Room't” and as your buddy walks down the staff room, you all will be laughing your hearts out.

4.Then the famous toffee prank is always there

Very surreptituously, you pick up something really useless and wrap it up in the toffee cover. Some of us even use the chewed chewing gum and wrap it. Eewwww right?

“Hu Lo, toffee khaa”

5.Do you remember those fake rubbery lizards?

With poise and elegance, you take out your rubbery lizard and throw on the one near you in class. And as the person burst out shouting “Jethi Jethi” you would be glad on your mission accomplishment.

6.Many guys take this day as their chances to make some proposals

So that, if the girl says “No”, the guy can always save themselves saying, “April fool He Bonaisu...hahaha”. Smart, ha! Duh!

7.There are also the “Paper sticking” plans

This one always turns out funny. You would make a long tail with a paper and latch it on your buddy’s rear belt loop. And as he walks out of his seat, all will be like, “Baandor Saa, Baandor”

8.Lastly the “salt and sugar” prank never goes out of style

Almost many of us have done this for sure; you go to the kitchen and switch the sugar with salt. This is an absolute fun, unless the victim really likes “Nimokhia Saah!”

So these are the everlasting pranks that will always go on and on. They have worked before us, on us and will work even in the future. So enjoy the fool’s day to the fullest. And don’t hesitate to be creative with your pranks. And do let us know if you come up with new fun ideas. By the way this is the last post by Bordoisila.

Oh wait! Happy April fool’s day (winks).

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