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8 Hidden Reactions Of Every Axomiya Gabhoru Or Deka When Visited By Unwanted Guests

Ankita Kakaty
Intern, Bordoisila

18th April, 2016

“Guest visits are always a pleasure - if not the arrivals, then the departures are for sure!“

When it comes to welcoming guests, we Assamese people just love to go overboard. Our Assamese society has an Othithi Parayan Hobhyota backed by our hospitality code which is always being revered by our elders, but then, a series of random and prolonged visits by our guests can bring us discomfort.  After all, surprising visits are fun but shocking ones are nightmares. And an unwanted guest is surely a pest for so many of us. So let me put down the 8 covert reactions of every Axomiya Gabhoru or Deka when visited by an unwanted Alohi.

1.When your entire family starts preparing for the guests with full enthusiasm.

Our hidden reaction - Aji Ghorot hoi ki ase aibur! Alohi ahibo ne bhogoban?

2.Suddenly you realize that the guests are the center of attraction for the day.

And poor us, we say -Muk aji kuneu pattai nidie!”

3.And God forbid, if you happen to be the younger one.

Orders will follow like“Mithai keitaman ansun ; ghor tu safa kor ; bhal kapur ejur pindhi thak”

Our hidden reaction - Aru kiba? 

4.When some outstation guests brag about their native place saying.

Ami thoka thait population bor kom, iyat je nokou aru!

Our hidden reaction -Amar population borhabo ahileje apunaluk!”

5.Our alohis have always the habit of saying – “Saah kiyo korila” after our tedious efforts to serve them.

Our hidden reaction -Bonua xomoyot hui asil niki sob?”

6.And among them the most dangerous ones are the kleptomaniacs.

And after they are gone, our loud reaction would be like – “Sob londo bhondo kori thoi gol!!”

7.Then how can we forget the ever irritating kids that come with the parent guests.

From running on the couches with their shoes on to breaking the TV remote and troubling our pets, they don't leave any chance to get on our nerves.

And in our hearts we'll be like- "Ei Jontu Keitak Zoo't Thoi Nahile Nu Kio Janu!"

8.When the –“Kisudinor karone ahisu” duration of the unwanted Alohi extends from days to weeks to months.

Our reaction -Amar Ration Card't Eehotoru Naam Bhorua Bhal Hobo Jen Pau!

And all this while, we say- Alohi tumi ketia jaba? (Athithi tum kab Jaoge?)"

While we always have a fondness for our guests but the sudden pop ups of the kamur alohi can make us feel alienated in our own places. At times, they can turn so annoying that we really want to put a ban on those troublesome guests’ appearances in our houses. The typical nerve wrenching behavior of them just drives us up the wall. So have you come across any of such prickly guests? I am sure at some point we all have. So pour in your comments below and let us know your hidden reactions.

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