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8 Quotes You Must Get Used to If You're a Photographer in Assam

Purnendu Palash Baruah
Chief Content Developer, Bordoisila

27th March, 2016

So you recently bought your first DSLR and are whiling your day away clicking all that comes in the way of your lens. If that's exactly who you're, then hold your horses and brace yourself for these quotes. They will follow you for the rest of your life.  I wish more power to your camera. 

1.Everyone wants the background blurred.

2.Because Brand senti matters.

3.Because what happens behind the camera, stay behind the camera. No credit for the photographer. Always!

4.The more, the merrier. Always.

5.Anything else, uncle?

6.And you be like, 'Yeah, why not!' *pokerface*

7.So, now I look like a reporter to you?

8.But I thought I had artistic privileges.

But don't you worry about 'em, because life is all about discovering your true powers. If photography's what drives your soul, keep clicking. More power to your camera!

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