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8 Simple Ways To Express Your Love For Your Maa

Anosua Chakraborty
Contributor, Bordoisila

7th May, 2016

Celebrate your best person on the planet. That lady who has played different roles in your life without any complains, she is no less than a midnight emergency doctor, a calm therapist, a patient teacher and a best friend. She is the mother. We love her more than anybody else in this world but in recent times, our obsession for our partners makes us forget our share of love for her. Sometimes even “I love you” can’t convey what your mother means to you.  So, here are 8 ways to express your love for her this Mother’s Day.

1.Gift her a Mekhela Sador

All our Axomiya moms are obsessed with Mekhela Sador. Buy her one and see that dangor (big) smile on her face.

2.Take her out for a dinner date

Dinner date with mom! Because she is as cool as you are.Treat her to a delicious meal of      Patot Diya Maas, or maati daalor logot paaro manxo.  Dress the table fit for the ‘’Queen”, it is sure to melt her heart.

3.Go shopping with her

No mother says “No” to shopping. Spoil her with a set of jewellery that she has been wishing since long. You can’t stop loving her more when you see that million dollar smile on her face.

4.Say it with words

Unveil the poet in you; write a beautiful “Kobita” realizing how some of the best qualities came from her. A lot of blessings will come your way!

5.And also a cute memento

Make her a memento of the incredible times you have spent together. This is surely going to take her to the world of nostalgic moments.

6.Because she is just a call away!

For those who stay away from home, make a simple phone call to remind her to take medicines. ‘Maa, Oxhud khai loba dei”. These soothing words will make her feel that you care for her, may be with a drop of tear in her eyes. (but, we don’t want to see our moms cry)

7.Trick out her kitchen with gadget essentials or take charge of the kitchen for a day

So, she can save a lot of time during cooking and have more relaxing time watching TV!

8.And the best one is a warm hug!

No matter how old you get, a hug is the best way to show how much you love your mom.

“No gift to your mother can ever equal her gift to you- life”. You owe it all to her. Thank her for what she has been and is to you.

This Mother’s Day, make her feel on top of the world.

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