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8 Things Only an Axomiya Girl Can Relate To

Monikongkona Boruah
Content Developer, Bordoisila

6th May, 2016

How does it feel to be a young, pretty Assamese girl here in Assam? Is it only ‘kopou’ flowers everywhere or are there thorns..err.. difficulties too, if you know what I mean? Anyway, you know you are a true blue ‘Axomiya gabhoru suwali’ when you have experienced at least one of the following things once, or maybe more.

1.Bihu Dance

To dance or not to dance is the question. Not kidding, there is only two ways of how this ends. Always.
Situation a. You know how to dance along to Bihu. – ‘Imaan dhuniya nasei, tai! (She dances so gracefully)’.
Situation b. You don’t. And you ‘sidha-sidhi’ confess. – ‘Ki? Tumi Bihu nasibo nejana? (What? You can’t Bihu dance?)’ Are you even Assamese?
And I’ve got a lot of the latter reaction, kosom!

2.The name MAINA

I wouldn’t lie, I’m called Maina too. Every Assamese girl, in fact, is or has been called Maina by every other Assamese person. You don’t know the other person? Don’t worry, just call her Maina! Tada, problem solved. Generalizing, much?

3.New Clothes In Bihu

Well, I’m a girl. Girls like shopping. I mean, most of us. And come April and everyone be like, ‘Maina! Eibaar what did you get for Bihu?’ We all literally clog the entrances to all the cloth retailers in town, not giving them a moment’s rest until finally we have our ‘Bihu kapur’.

4.MATRIC (formally known as High School Leaving Certificate Examination)

I agree, it’s a big deal, but definitely not as big as our neighbours and relatives claim it to be. I mean, the entire year nobody gives a damn until a week before the D day when phone calls from long forgotten friends and family start pouring in, to bestow their ‘xuvokamonas’( warm regards). Not kidding, one of my neighbours even gave me a packet of incense sticks. Yes, to pray that my exams go well. Did I look that hopeless to her?
Oh and then who can forget the RESULTS day! On a tentative ominous day in the month of May, a literal ‘May Day Call’ is made by every ‘Matric Candidate’. Phew, I passed.

5.Saraswati Puja

Even long before the regional news channels came up with their ‘xundori competitions’, girls of Assam have been getting all dolled up for this one occasion that comes once in every year. After all, it does not kill to spoil yourself for one day with ‘Aio-imaan-dhuniya’ comments that keep pouring from everywhere. Come on, we have earned it. But seriously, every Assamese girl has at least once, if not more, borrowed her mamma darling’s mekhela chador, jewellery and gone out with her girl-friends, just for the sake of it. Admit it!

6.Getting Checked Out

The same story everywhere, you know. Here we call it ‘suali jukua’! From whistling to the cliché like ‘aio-dehi’ and ‘bhonti-bhaal-lagise-dei!’; the so called ‘compliments’ are passed at every corner of the street like free pennies, much to our amusement more often than not. But hey I, in no way, support eve teasing ha! You know, just saying aru.

7.Eating Green Mangoes

Come summer and the sour tasty green mangoes make us girls salivate. Be it sliced, diced or mashed, with chopped chillies and a little salt, we will love it anyway. I’m salivating already. Imaan tasty!

8.Grandma's Stories

Buri Aai’r xadhu, we all remember that, don’t we? Tejimola, Kukuri Kona Sur, remember? These magical fables make up most of our childhood bedtime memories. Oh how it’ll feel to be a child again. I remember I used to love sleeping next to Aita and bug her to tell me story after story every night.

Feel the Dhekiya Xaak and the Paani Tenga in your veins yet? Being an Assamese woman is a privilege. Growing up in the land of Red River and blue hills, with warm, loving people has been wonderful. So, my dear gabhoru ladies, drink all the tea you want, go wherever the road leads you to, but once an Assamese, hodai an Assamese, remember it always!

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