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8 Things You Are Offered Aalohi Khaboloi Gole

Mehnaz Farooque
Intern, Bordoisila

18th May, 2016

We Indians are quite good at serving our guests. And it is in our culture to give out our best hospitality to our beloved guests. With a smile on our faces, we even try going out of our ways to make sure our visitors are doing well. And that’s the beauty of this country. We truly believe in the adage - 'Mehman bhagwan ke roop hote hai'. And in such a wide country, there are different traditions of delighting the guests. And in the list of offering hospitality to them, the food is always the prime factor. The extent of deliciousness of the food is directly proportional to the pleased faces of our guests. And with every different place, the delicacies vary. So let's check out the food specialities that are offered while visiting to an Aalohi’s place in Assam. And here are the 8 ways of treating our guests in our own Axomiya way:

1.There are always the starters

“Saah Korisu Dei, Apunaluk Bohok Sun!” We all start with our “Saah Cup” right?

2.Then with tea, we often serve the evergreen duo

The “Singora-Kosori” duo can never go wrong with the “Saah Cup”.

3.Then there is always a type of chana that funk up the snacks

“Ei Notun mixture chana tu try korok sun” And that makes the talking all the more fun.

4.Assamese food can never be complete without our beloved “pithas”

Then there’s the mandatory “Tilor Pitha, Narikolor Pitha, Tel Diya Pitha, soboke plate't Hojai Diya” rule.

5.Then the exclusive Assamese Jolpaan is a must

“Jolpaan Nathakile Aalohi Khua Jen Lage Janu?” After the Saah items, there has to be the jolpaan, specially the “Doi-Sira” part.

6.And then the purpose of deserts always needs to be fulfilled

And more than any Chocolate Soufflés or Crème Brulees, we Assamese believe in our plain and simple “Rosogullas”. Nothing can replace this one, for sure!

7.Then comes the kind of main course

And it is mostly Lusi Bhaji with the supporting Omelette. And this one does serve the main course. Doesn’t it?

8.And to wind up the series of refreshments, there will be this indispensable thing

The mouth-freshener or as we fondly call the “Saunf” is the last resort of the food ride. While “Saunf” is more common, Assam is also known for its “Taamul Paan”.

All of the above items, more or less confine the list of eatables that we generally offer our guests in Assam. With every item that we serve, we offer our heartiest comradeships to our guests. And with every filled stomach and every satisfied face, we find an immense joy of being successful. The food is a very beautiful way to show our goodwill towards our guests. So, eat more and serve even more! And do write us and let us know how you serve your Aalohis.

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