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8 Things a Non-Residential Assamese Religiously Does To Feel At Home

Porisma Gogoi
Contributor, Bordoisila

13th March, 2016

Having lived in the capital city of the country for a couple of years now, I’ve done possibly everything that I could do to stop myself from missing my native place- be it listening to Axomiya songs or treating myself to an Axomiya meal once in a while. Out of those various activities, I’ve cherry-picked eight such things that we Non-Resident Axomiyas usually prefer doing when we miss our homeland.

1.We celebrate Bihu in our own small way but with great aplomb

It rarely happens that we are at home during Bihu. Nevertheless, we try and do everything possible that would give us the feeling of- “Yay, bihu- bihu lagise gaat!” 

Getting dressed up in a mekhela sador, applying Jetuka (mehndi in that case), preparing a ‘xoru-xura bhuj’ and making some ‘narikolor ladu’ (the easiest of all Axomiya snacks) are among the top priorities on our ‘to-do list’ during the Bihu season.

2.We religiously start watching the Assamese local channels like News Live, Rengoni etc – a thing we seldom did when in Assam

Many a times, while watching television, we switch over to Axomiya channels. Be it Axomiya videos, or a news programme, ‘Behorbari outpost’ or ‘Bharaghor’- we make it a point to enjoy an Axomiya programme once in a while!

“Arnob Goswami’k siyori thoka kiman hunim aru. Taku ingraazit!”


3.We are always on the lookout for casual parties to be able to flaunt our traditional attire. A common situation: Friend’s wedding

Non- Assamese friend: What are you wearing for the reception?

Me: Mekhela Sador.

Another situation: Traditional day at office

Female colleague: I'm wearing a saree.You?

Me: Mekhela Sador, of course.

4.Not continental or Chinese, we gorge over Khati Axomiya food on Sundays.

Lazy sundays are the best days to prepare a full Axomiya meal.

Bhat, dail (rohor), aloo pitika and tenga masor jul are the most favorite ‘deuboriya ekhaaj’ of a Non-Resident Axomiya.  *slurp*

5.Finding an Assamese colleague at work is like finding an Oasis in Sahara.

Office environment becomes homely if you find some Axomiya colleagues around. I remember my first day at office. A girl (senior) came up to me and said:

“Tumi Axom’or no? Moi ratipuwa gom palu tumi ajir pora join korisa buli…”

Me (thinking): Rokhya probhu! Office’ot Axomiya manuh ase!


6.There is not even the slightest trace of shame in asking favours from a ‘home-bound’ friend.

Asking to bring back eatables that I’ve been craving for days, to someone going home (Axom) is a ritual that we’ve been following unabashedly.

“Please mur karone khorisa olop loi ahiba na ghoror pora!”

“Pitha nanile saba ako. Kotha beya hobo kintu.”

7.Nostalgia-stricken, we browse through all possible websites which could somehow connect us to the environs of Axom.

Thanks to all the facilities available online, we can at least browse through the websites and find out something or the other that would link me to something ‘aapun’.

“‘Assam Tea’ google kor. Iyar saah khai bhal nalage...”

“Mekhela sador ejur pam neki online?”

“Korobat Papon da’r live show ase neki? Book my show’t check koru.”

8.Making rounds of Assam Bhawan (Assam House) too very often becomes so rife for us.

Either to have a hearty Axomiya meal or to take in the aura of Axomiyaness, we keep rushing to the Assam House every now and then.

“Olop holeu khati Axomiya khuwar feeling ahi jai!”

I might have missed out on certain points - ‘to err is human.’ But I would be glad to know the opinions of the readers, especially the ones from Delhi, and would definitely like to learn what ‘they’ do out here to feel like being in Axom. My wise granny used to say, “Dilli ka laddu khaleu postai, nakhaleu postai!” Now, whenever I miss home, the implication of her dialogue becomes clearer!

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