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9 Different Ways the Respectful Axomiya Wives Address their Husbands

Akangkhya Kashyap
Contributor, Bordoisila

9th April, 2016

Assamese ladies are very affectionate. But when need be, they can also display their strict, stern and fierce roop. Bhaalot bhaal nohole kaal. And when it comes to husband and wife, dear husbands, be very careful about whom you are dealing with! She may be a delicate darling this moment, but she’s all independent and free the next.

But, above all that, love comes naturally to Axomiya Mohilas and they respect their husbands from the very core of their hearts. It is because of this respect that our Axomiya Mohilas don't call out their husbands by name but use a number of ways to address them.


Aamar A'eu ako bor moromiyaal . Much heard sentence in biyoni mels. As a child, I used to overhear my mom and aunts’ conversations and this is what I learnt about my jethpeha!


Another famous way of addressing ‘my husband’. Amaar ekhet’r kintu xanghatik khong. Kakuke care nokore!


Typical way of addressing. May not be too familiar these days but still does exist. O'o Romen’r deutak, xunisene, apunar phone ahise!


Moromote maate, Heri! Xunoksun..


Very rife, isn’t it? Mur manuhjone maasor tenga jul khai bor bhal pai!


Another common maat for the ‘tumi-tumi’ kua dompotti. Hera, eifaale ahasun. Haree (Saree) khon  kenekua lagise?


Common among the hi-fi  or new generation couples. Mur hubby’e IOCL’t kore dei.


Bhodro mohila’r mukhor maat. Also, high-flown. Mur Swami’e bor dhuniya gaan gai.


Heard this among some village aitas once. Burha’tu pothaar gol! But Axomiya aitas and kokas are cute, aren’t they?

Tenderly and loving, Axomiya ladies are one in a million. They know the actual meaning of love, respect and understanding. They may act tough at times but their hearts are always wax. Axomiya women can be sarcastic about their ‘praneswor’ as well as funny but they also are the eternal xukh dukhor logori of their Swamis.

To every Axomiya mohila doing the good job, Bravo!

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