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9 Dull Activities Every Axomiya Elehuwa Prani Can Relate To

Mehnaz Farooque
Intern, Bordoisila

28th March, 2016

While most of us try hard managing our lives according to time, there is a special section of people who live in a completely different time zone. They live in a future tense and have got the best of the abilities to prolong even the simplest of the activities. They have this inbuilt capacity to prevent themselves from doing anything at all. And we call them the “Lazy” people. While all over the world they all share the same spirit and enthusiasm to put off things for later, I found these few habits to pay a tribute to our own Axomiya “Elehua” souls.

1.They have the hardest time waking up in mornings

Even if a train goes by their side, they still won’t get up. They will always be like “Aaru Olop Hui Lou!”

2.They literally stick to where they sit

They cannot move much “Jotei Bohe Taatei Jen Xipa Goji Jai”

3.They are the Masters of Excuses

: Whatever is the situation, they’d come up with innovative excuses, “Moi Bhabi Thakutei Tumi Korie Dila Kaamtu”, even though they didn’t think about it for a second.

4.They have the superpowers to reach out their hands to the farthest point of the room

Suppose when they need to charge up their phones, they would never stand up and walk towards it.

“Pori Meli Holeu Jot Bohi Aase Taatei Bohi Charger Tu Taanibo”

5.They always know the value of siblings/cousins

They would call the younger ones from an entirely different room just to hand them over something lying on a nearby table.

“Oi, Hei Table'r Pora Bostu Tu De Sun” - The poor sibling just couldn’t believe what actually happened.

6.They Know what Home means

They’d give up the most happening party just to stay back Home, doing nothing. And if asked they’d say, “Nai O, Moi Imaan Bahirot Goi Bhaal Napau!”

7.Pressure of studies just don’t affect them

Although they know that they have a lot of syllabus to cover but still for them, there’s always time, “Roh Etiau Bohut Homoy Asei; Moi Raati Ke He Bhal Ke Podhim.”

8.They have problem even if others are on time

Not only they are always late, they even hate when others are on time, “Imaan Ratipuae Keneke Ahibo Paro Bey?”

9.And the basic human hygiene seems rocket science to them

“Bisona Khon Nu Kio Thik Koribo Lage, Akou Tu Xumei!”

So these are some of the many ways that our Axomia lazy souls behave. They believe that indolence is bliss and so, they hardly care to do anything about it. Therefore, share this one so that it reaches to all the “Lazy” yet adorable people out there! Chances are though; they would be too lazy even to read this!

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