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9 Kinds Of Axomiya Mothers We All Get To See

Mehnaz Farooque
Intern, Bordoisila

7th May, 2016

God knew that he couldn’t be everywhere. And that’s why he created mothers. Otherwise who would have been there for us throughout everything? A mother has this big wide heart, where she homes her children and nurtures them. From the day since you’re born, everything about her suddenly turns to everything about you. She breathes for her children. And no one in this entire world can love unconditionally like a mother does to her child. It’s like God pours the amount of love as large as an entire universe inside a mother. She is happy when her children are happy and she’s devastated when they are hurt, even if it is just a little wounded knee.  While every mother belongs to the same species around the world - the species that thinks with heart, there can be found different kinds of them. I bring you the 9 different kinds of Assamese mothers that we have.

1.The ever emotional Mom

Although all moms are emotional, but these ones just set the bar too high.  They commonly sound like this-

“Aji Kali Maak'r Kotha Nu Kune Hunibo? Amar Kaam Hihotok Dangor Kori Diya Loike Asile Aaru”

2.The Moms that love to make you eat

They are the ones who never let you go out of home without eating. It’s like you’ll have to eat even if you’re going out for lunch or dinner.

“Ghoror Pora Pet Bhorai Khai Jabo Lage!”

3.The Moms that are always tense about their kids

They cannot do without taking tensions for their children. As one tension settles, another one come running after them again.

“Toi Etia Loike Bhaat Khua Nai? Rati 10 ta Bajil. Adha Rati Holei Sun. Akou Tur Gastric r problem Hobo!”

And right after that “Toi Breakfast Ki Khabi? Ketia Loike Breakfast Diye Hostel't? Thanda Hoi Gole Keneke Khabi?

4.The Moms that are over sacrificing

And the over sacrificing moms be like, “Tumie Kina, murtu Imaan Kaapur Asei” or “Hobo Diya Papa Ke Loi Jua Furibole, Moi Pasot Jam” or “Lora Suwali Kitake Di Lua Sun, Muk Nidileu Hobo!”

5.The over doting ones

Every mom adores her child. But the over doting ones adore only their children. It doesn’t matter how the rest of the world is, all she can see is her child.

Another person: “Apunar Suali r Group Dance Tu Birat Bhaal Lagil Dei. Sobei Imaan Dhuniya Nasile”

Over Dotting Mom: “O Amar Tai Je Imaan Kosto Korise. Tai Biraat Bhal Naase Jana? Tai Gaanu Gai Tu? Huniba Neki?”

6.The “Ruling with an iron fist” Moms

They are the moms who always come with a rule book.

“Nijor Room Saafa Korar Pasot He Lunch Khabo Pariba!” or

“Jodi Ajiu Tumar Podha Table Khon Thik Nokora then One week'r Karone No video games!”

7.The super cool Moms

Then there are the moms who are so contemporary “Beta Moi Tumak Mur Recent Selfie't Tag Korisu Dei!”

8.The workaholic Moms

They’re the busy working moms. They work all day and still never get tired to catch up on you.

They’ll be like “Moi Office't Gutei Dintu Tumar Exam'r Kothae Bhabi Asilu! Kenekua Hol Exam?”

9.The best-friend Moms

These moms are like your closest buddies. When mom is here, you don’t even need another friend. They are the “Sob Kotha Share Koribo Para” moms.

Whatever kind she is, she is like nobody else. In a world where everything comes for a price, mother’s love is priceless. She can calm down the thunder of your emotions and can even listen to your unsaid words. Don’t forget to let us know to which kind your mom fits in.

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