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9 Reasons Why Assamese People Can Be the Best of Friends

Mehnaz Farooque
Intern, Bordoisila

8th August, 2016

In a world that surrounds you with so many prejudices, there will be a few faces that would stick by you while you face them. And we call them as FRIENDS.
We wouldn’t have made a single day without our friends. They are like our anchors that hold us from drowning away. And the best part is, if someday we get lost and drown, the truest ones will come with us to survive. They’re our school friends that we have known all our lives, or our college buddies who rediscovered us or the colleagues that sit near you and make those dull moments of work, fun. We are the social networking generation. To say, we have so many friends all over our social accounts. But the times when we need a hand to hold, we only look out for the few. And that is why this is the day for those few.  In a way we can’t have just a day to celebrate friendship, but then it’s nice to have an official day for our devilish crazy buddies. And as an Assamese, friendship is kinda big deal for us. So, to celebrate the friendship, I bring you 9 points to rejoice for having that amazing Assamese friend.

1.Assamese friends are way too cute to be mad at

We look cute and we as matter of fact are cute. And it’s definitely hard for anyone to be mad at us for a long time.

“Hobo de goru besi nedekhabi. Aaru kiman Khong nokoro!”  (You moron! Don’t show off much. How much are you going to be mad at?”), basically sorts out things.

2.Assamese friends are always there to help you with breakups

Whenever there’s a love crisis friends will be like “Ki imaan senti faali aso bey! Kaam nai! Heitu/heijoni eneu bhaal nasil bujili!”(Why are you getting so  sentimental? He/she wasn’t anyway good enough.”

3.Assamese friends are really very simple people

Considering that we hail from this simple land, we all are very simple human beings here. And so is our friendship!

4.We’re very easy folks to make friends with

And any non-Assamese person would acknowledge this point. We, Assamese people, are very easy to become friends with. After all, “Axomiya'r mitha maat kothar pora nu kune haari jabo paribo!” (Who can escape the amiable nature of the Assamese people?)

5.Assamese friends are the most chillaxed ones

Yes, we’re a little laid back. But, we’re most of the time chilled out. So it’s very rare to find aggressiveness among Assamese friends.

And if there are some situations, we mostly are like, “Baad de Aaru, Kinu eta kothate lagi thako!” (Leave it man! Why are you stuck to the same thing?)

6.Assamese friends are really generous

We people try going those extra miles for our buds. “Toi sinta nokoribi, toi khaali ko ki koribo lage moi aasu tur logot!” (You don’t worry. You just say what you want to do, I am there with you.)

7.And when there’s some issue, we’re always “friends” ready

No matter who is on the opposite side, we’ll always have our friends' back. Even if we end up getting beaten.

“Hi mur logor hoi bujili? Taak kotha kua'r agot muk face kor!” (He’s my buddy, understood? Before saying anything to him, face me!)

8.Assamese friends can really get you to the 9th cloud

We’re always there to encourage our buddies. We can make anything sound possible and let our friends go higher up the cloud 9 like “Toi koribo paribie moi janu!” (You can obviously do it, I know)

9.And with the Assamese friends, you’ll have the caring Assamese friends’ parents

We all know how over-indulgent our parents are. And not only us; they’ll also be caring about our friends. So every Assamese friend comes with those caring parents.

“Amar iyaak tu koisue, tumiu bhal ke podha xuna koriba dei.  Tumiu amaar sumu'r nisinae!”

(We told him already, you too study well. You’re like our sumu.)

 P.S. Sumu is a very popular Assamese pet name.

Assamese or non Assamese, all friends are the same. They’ll love you, hate you and even may suck the life out of you at times, but will be by your side always. They’ll let you see yourself the way no one else would. And having a friend to laugh with on the most nonsensical things or having that bud to cover for you or just having a friend to irritate you is bliss. Friends are that family that you get to choose. So near or distant, wherever they’re; just tell them how much you love them. And to all our Chandlers or Phoebes or Monicas, tell them,“I’ll be there for you, cause you’re there for me too!”

And a happy friendship day! Have a blast.


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