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9 Things An Axomiya Student Misses Most While Away from Home

Mehnaz Farooque
Intern, Bordoisila

13th July, 2016

We may go to the most happening places or the most beautiful sights but no place is like home. And we realize the actual value of a home only after staying away from it. To pursue different careers or to complete our studies, we often need to go out from our homes. But no matter how far we go or how old we become, our hearts long for the place that we grew up in. And there are always certain things that take us back to those old corners of our beloved home. Let's glance through them.

1.The thing that tops the list has to be the beloved bed

It doesn’t matter how worn out or small it is, one always miss its own bed.  After all,

“Ghoror Bisonat Xuware Beleg Moza”

2.Then the ones who grew up with siblings miss those fights

While we are home, we leave not a single chance to fight with our siblings. But when we are away, we miss those very squabbles, those “Kukur Mekuri'r Dore Kajiya” fights.

3.The regular family catch ups that we all have

Sitting in a large hostel dining hall or a PG, we miss those regular family catch ups that we have back home. We all miss the “Dining Table't Hahi Furti re Dinner kora” times.

4.We all miss the wonder box, TV and the magical weapon called remote

It doesn’t matter if you still have a TV in your hostel or PG. Nothing can be as comfortable as watching TV at your home with the remote right in your own hands. “Jetia Loike TV Remote Nijor Hathot Nathake, TV Sua Jenei Nalage!”

5.Mom’s constant orders seem to be irritating only until we go away from home

Away from home there’s no mom to yell, “Imaan Deri Hol, Nutho Kio?” or “Nijor Kaapur Bur Nijei Thik Kori Tho” or “Bhaat Khabo Ahaa Nai Je Etialoike?"And only someone staying away from mom can understand this.

6.For the ones staying outside Assam, talking in Assamese is what they miss

And everybody can relate to this one “Jimaanei English't Nokou Kiyo, Axomiyat Gaali Nidile Gaali  Diya Jenei Nalage!”

7.Then we always miss those family functions, don’t we?

You might be having a fun evening at a posh pub, but we all miss those family functions that we couldn’t attend. And we all end up saying, “Moi Nathakilei Khali Sob Functions Hoi!”

8.We all miss that feeling of being safe and secured around our parents

Outside home, we are on our own. We have to grow up and be mature. But we miss being looked after, the way that our parents would say “Sob Thik Hoi Jabo!” whenever we face any hardships.

9.And this one goes without saying

Even if we have the best food, it cannot be compared with “Maa'r Hathor Khaana”. When home, we always ask for tasty dishes, but when we’re away, all we miss is “Ghoror Daali Sobji”.

Home isn’t just a structure of bricks and cement. It is a feeling. And when we go out, we understand what it feels like to be in your own place and to have your native people around. We move out to achieve things in life but the toughest part is parting with things we love the most.


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