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9 Things Only an Assamese Book Lover Can Relate To

Akangkhya Kashyap
Intern, Bordoisila

11th May, 2016

Books are a man’s greatest companion. We are never too old to learn and gain knowledge.  Our generation is accused of spending too much of our time on the television and the internet and not on books, but, there are still millions of voracious readers among us too.

This one’s for all the book lovers out there. Novels, poems, essays, biographies, autobiographies or whatever, books attract us like nothing else and yes, it drives few people crazy, especially the ones living around us (seeing our actions and reaction. LOL). Here are few things only an Axomiya book lover can relate to.

1.We love the smell of a newly bought book.

Mmmm…ki dhunia gundhaise kitaap khon! And your not-a-book-lover friend might think “Oh come on! That’s not even a smell.”

2.You cannot sleep until the climax is over!

“Light off kor na!” is probably what you hear often from your roomie because you cannot sleep without completing the climax. Blanket ‘r bhitorot torch jolai porha is the alternative.

3.Rooting yourself deeper into the book = forgetting about the surroundings.

When you are deep into the story, sariufaale ki soli aase, gom nathake. Be it mom’s ‘pressure cooker’r eta whistle marile off kori dibi’  or your best friend’s ‘oi jano aji proxy diute dhora porilu’  dialogue; everything goes missed.

4.We bunk course books to read our favorite novels.

Course book’r majot novel bhorai porha is one hell of a talent we possess. When dad or mom checks into our room, we love showing them that we’re studying for the exams. Deep down in our mind, we think ‘ketia je maa/deuta jabo iyarpora, xantit porhiboi nidie!’. Yep, we get addicted to books at that level (not the course ones, though).

5.Movie sabo najao toy? Ki pagol bey.

We get called by names like ‘kitaapor puk’ and blah! Little do people realize that we are party animals too when the time is right. We love spending time doing something productive and obaabot xomoy nosto kora isn’t our forte. Arrey bhai book lovers are good story tellers themselves, movie sabo jabo dorkar ei nai!

6.We love it when birthday presents comprise of books, books and books.

Indeed! We love it when we have another book to add to our collection. And when it comes to gifting someone, books are again our first preference.

7.Books corner, libraries are our favorite spots.

Do you know the next thing we love after books? Silence. Xaanti. You’ll find most of the book lovers in the library or in the books section of any mall. Sukot bohi kitaap porhi aase is what we hear often.

8.Book lovers are always peace loving.

May be an extrovert or an introvert, book lovers are always cool. And they exactly know what it means to hit while the iron’s hot; not a word before or after that.

9.We love ‘book barter system’.

: Fault in our stars khon aase tur tat?

: O aase, tur usorot Shiva trilogy aase ni?

Rife, isn’t it? Ek guli’t dui sikaar! It lessens the cost of buying another book. Exchange and exchange.

Book lovers have solutions to almost every real life problem, all thanks to the books which enhance what’s inside their brains. Talk to a good reader, and you’ll be fascinated by how much they know.

Reading books modifies you, purifies you. That fresh feeling after you complete a book is heavenly, nohoy ne?

Dear book lovers, inspire more. Cheers!

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