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9 Ways Your Grumpy Assamese Landlord Gives You a Hard Time

Mehnaz Farooque
Intern, Bordoisila

26th April, 2016

“Ghortu Pise Bharaat He Loisa Dei, Kini Lua Buli Nabhabiba Kintu!”

And that’s how a typical Assamese Landlord sounds. It isn’t an easy journey between a landlord and a tenant. And this relationship is often a love-hate one. There will be misunderstandings, cold wars, arguments etc. besides some rare family kinda bonding . And amidst all these, the kind of rapport you share with your landlord somewhere decides how you’re going to live your life in your rented home. Although there are landlords who try understanding from a tenant's point of view, but there are many who disregard even the mere existence of tenants’ views. And in the memory of those souls that are being sucked out by their landlords on a monthly or daily basis, I bring the 9 ways your Assamese Landlord gives you a hard time.

1.The Water Situation.

“Iyat Paani Homoyot Aahe Aaru Homoyot Jai. Aaru Juar Pasot Siori Laabh Nai!” And every day during the arrival of the water, you’d take your buckets and collect water as if you’re preparing for some apocalypse!

2.The Reminder of the Bhada, at all the times.

“Heiri Ebaar Bhaara tu Kintu Time't Dibo Dei!” And those words are like a sword hanging over your head, until you have cleared the rent.

3.The Getting to know you time.

Although it is necessary, but some landlords just won’t stop enquiring! “Aapuni Sakori Kot Kore? Salary Timet Pai tu? Etia Aaru Eta Baby'r Planning Kora Naitu? Ghorot Kiman Time Thakibo Dintut?”

4.Then Getting to know your guest time.

If by any chance a gf/bf visits your home. “Kun Hoi? Kot Thake? Kedin Maanor Agot Aha Jon Kun Asil Tente?” and the  saying “Iyaat Kintu Famlies Thake Dei!”

5.The loudness should be only to the allowed extent.

"Iyaat Kintu Rati 9 tar pasot Besi Siori Nahahibo” now how can they  even expect us to control our laughter within a particular timezone and our degree of loudness of the laughter ?

6.When the poor tenant complains about the hole on the roof.

The landlord will be like, “Agote Tu Nasile Etu. Kor Pora Hol?” And the tenant must be feeling inside, “Moi Uporot Uthi Nijei Phoota Korai Loisu Tu!”

7.Again they always want the proper schedule of your guests.

“Khuri Hot Ahise No? Kedin Thakibo Nu? Janae Aamar Iyat Paani'r Imaan Problem, Manuh Badhile Aaru Problem Hobo!”  Wish you could explain this to Khuri hotok!

8.When you share the news of the purchase of your new laptop.

“Eibure Bohut Electricity Khai Bujila! Kom Ke Bebohaar Koriba!” is the way a landlord congratulates you.

9.Then the sudden price hikes.

“Gom Tu Paisae Bostur Imaan Daam Badhise! Aamiu Solibo Lagibo!” and every tenant knows this implies the impending hike in your rent.

And these were some of the ways a proper Landlord usually appears. But sometimes the tenants do turn lucky to have calmer landlords or even luckiest to have landlords living away from their home. And the rest keep hanging between the "being human" and "being landlord" avatars of their proprietors. So until you become a landlord, pay your rents on time and "Ghoror Pa Ulai Juar Homoyot Light, Fan Off Koribo Napahoriba kintu!"

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