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An Anglo-Axomiya Lovestory that Might Restore Your Faith in Second Love and Second Chances

Ryhan Ahmad Marfua
Creative Head, Bordoisila

22nd March, 2016

Set in the backdrop of Assam and Delhi, Kalpa Das' 'I Wanted It to Be You' is all about finding your true love and holding on to it no matter what. From what appears to be mostly autobiographical, the novelette takes you on a roller-coaster ride of emotional turmoil of an Axomiya boy, and you ultimately discover that finding the true love of your life is a lot more than dating the first girl that comes your way. With WhatsApp screenshots and vivid descriptions of cheesy romantic episodes, the author presents the story in a very captivating manner and I am pretty sure you can relate to most of it. While most of you might find it somewhat vanilla-flavoured in the first read, eventually you will figure out that the protagonist Pradyut is not a lot different from you and me. He is young and naive and insecure. At the same time, he’s sensitive about it. This makes the storyline a lot more credible.

In the very first pages, he has one of those 'love in first sight' encounters with the very pretty Nimisha, a typical Assamese girl he meets at his brother's marriage here in Assam. One thing leads to another, they fall in love, and soon enough he is speculating marriage. The story takes an abrupt twist after he goes back to Delhi (fyi Pradyut is a junior resident doctor at AIIMS). There he meets Ayeshu, the post-liberal Dilliwali girl he becomes friends with on Orkut. Within days, the virtual friendship turns into a fling and soon enough they are dating each other. All hell breaks lose, when he makes the guilty confession one night. Ayeshu is heart-broken and all our hero comes up with is 'I wanted it to be you...always’. Another confession is made and this time, it’s innocent Nimisha.  Soon enough Pradyut realizes he’s in a total fuckup. The story progresses with Pradyut having to deal with breakup blues, stress, exams, and most importantly a guilty conscience. Towards the end, Pradyut decides to fight it out and eventually manages to make it all good again.

My favourite quote from the book:

“Love makes your heart so weak. It betrays your very own conscience.”

For the complete story, you can buy a copy of the book, (snapeal)here, (flipkart)here and (amazon) here.

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