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Here's One of the Legends Behind the Origin of Kela and It's Insane AF

Irfan Khondker
Contributor, Bordoisila

10th April, 2016

One of our most loved words, the origin and meaning of the word Kela has always been a bit of mystery. Most importantly, because of its flexibility and use in various contexts. While speculations are many and opinions varied, here is one of the legends that has been all over the internet recently.  

Long long ago in Colonial India, a certain British sahib in Assan had hired a few local youths to work at his tea estate. As time passed, he found that the workers were more interested in whiling away their time chatting than actually doing some productive work. 

On an eventful day, this British guy got so sick and tired of his workers' laziness that he summoned all of them and said this, 

"This is unacceptable. You are all callous!"

The workers, obviously not in tune with the British sahib's colourful vocabulary, thought that callous was a swear word. They deduced that they were all being referred to as 'kelas'. Kela caught their fancy and the rest is history.

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