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Here's the Legacy Behind Phukans And Baruas And It's Purely Fascinating

Izaaz Ahmed
Managing Editor, Bordoisila

8th June, 2016

During the glorious Ahom rule, the non-military posts, i.e., the civil posts were not just confined to the members of a certain group of families but were open to a much wider spectrum of people. Even the non-Ahoms and the foreigners staying in the country for 3 or 4 generations could apply for such posts.

Among these eminent post-holders, Phukans were the highest in rank. Six of these, better known as the Choruwa Phukan collectively formed the council of the Bar Barua, but at the same time also carried out their respective duties. To this category belonged the Naubaicha Phukan, the Bhitarual Phukan, the Na Phukan, the Dihingia Phukan, the Deka Phukan and the Neog Phukan. However, it must be noted that besides the Phukans of the highest rank, there were many other Phukans belonging to lower ranks as well.

The Baruas figured right below the Phukans in terms of rank. Some of the prominent Baruahs included the Bhandari Barua or treasurer, the Bez Barua or the physician to the royal family, the Duliya Barua who was put in charge of the king’s palanquins, the Chaudangia Barua who superintended executions and the Ghora Barua, the Hati Barua and the like.


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