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Two Assamese Surnames That Once Ruled Over Assam

Izaaz Ahmed
Managing Editor, Bordoisila

22nd May, 2016

The Ahom system of government was monarchical in nature. At the helm of the administration was the King followed by his council of ministers. These ministers were designated the titles of Bura Gohain, Bor Gohain and Borpatra Gohain. However, of these titles, the one of Borpatra Gohain was added later in the reign of Dihingia Raja. These powerful and great nobles had provinces allocated to them wherein they exercised most of the independent rights of sovereignty. Moreover, the Ahom king took all the decisions relating to war and peace only after consultation with these three Gohains.

Now, after the tragic and untimely death of the 6th Ahom King  Sutupha in circa 1376 A.D., the then council of ministers couldn’t find a worthy heir to the throne of the Ahom dynasty for four years. It was during this period that the Bura Gohain and Bor Gohain took it upon themselves to spearhead the dynasty’s administration and thus, ruled over the entire eastern Assam.  However, the ministers did find a replacement for the king in 1380 A.D. in the form of King Tyaokhamti who after reigning just for 9 years also fell a prey to the jaws of death, thus again leaving the huge kingdom without a king.

After the sad demise of King Tyaokhamti, these two nobles, in the absence of an able ruler, once again took control of the entire administration and sailed the Ahom kingdom through for almost 8 long years until King Sudangpha or Bamuni Raja could ascend the throne in 1397 A.D.


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