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Koka Aaita Advise Us , 'Mekuri'e Raasta Kaatile Roi Dibo Lage'. Here's the Logic

Priyanka Dastidar
Contributor, Bordoisila

26th April, 2016

Aww, the poor cats! They are always labelled as a bad omen if they cross your path.  Well, from centuries, there is a belief that a cat brings bad luck if it crosses your path and this belief continues to exist till today. This famous so-called superstition is spread all across India, especially in Assam. Although, we don’t know the reason behind why we are always advised to halt our progress for a moment, but most of us do it.

Monot porise ne jetia amak koi “mekuri tu par hoi gol, olop rokhi de.” We stop by believing that “kiba beya hoi sage” but never tried to know the reason behind it. Do you know that there is actually a logical reason behind it?

Cats are considered sneaky, clever and skilled hunters, and if they cross your path, there is nothing unlucky about it. The fact is that the cats have to hunt for food for survival and the moment their eyes fall on a prey, they immediately go into an attacking mode and set out to devour that prey, completely mindless of what's happening around. So, the idea is to let the creature get over with his meal peacefully and to make sure that we don't end up hitting them while they are blindly chasing down their prey.  

Also, you might have noticed in your house how a cat madly runs upon spotting a rat in the house. We shouldn’t disturb him during that moment as he may attack us. Rather, we should let him enjoy his food. Preventing ourselves from getting bitten or harmed by the creature can also be a reason behind the wide acceptance of this belief.

If you know any other logic to this phenomenon, do share your views.

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