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9 Reasons Why Life Is Simply More Peaceful in an Assamese Village

Roselina Borpatra Gohain
Intern, Bordoisila

16th January, 2016

Huwoni amar gaon khon oti (Oh our village so much beautiful). And so goes that sweet old platitude. And trust me; they don’t say it just like that!

The rickety-cottages, our ever-smiling country folks, the moloya breeze, the never-ending stretches of paddy fields, it is whole another life there. Far away from the madding crowd, there is a sense of serenity there that seems to seep from almost everywhere. Yes, life is unsophisticated there, but thanks to the unsophisticated lifestyle, you find some peace there. Therefore, if life’s being too hard on you or your boss is driving you crazy in office, gather your friends, pack your bags and make an escape to your native village. Here are the nine reasons why it will be worth every penny.

1.Food cooked in the traditional barbeque- Khorika. The aromas that will make you forget everything else and go drool drool drool

Be it chicken wings, legs, crabs, or pork sticks, everything’s finger lickin good. Only better.

2.The countrified lifestyle there is so simple and uncomplicated; you might fall for the traditional merrymaking all over again

Can you ever spot konijuj and mohjuj in our cities? No, right? This is exclusively available in our villages only. And, these kinds of community events bring people close together giving them all the more reason to frolic even louder.

3.Take a plunge in the traditional Pukhuri (pond). Rejuvenate your soul, soothe your mind

Every Axomiya deka lora (young dude) loves this. Not just bathing, they enjoy fishing too, which they would definitely not get to do in cities.

4.Imbibe the sense of serenity the countryside has to offer. Go cycling. Absorb the sun

Just picture yourself cycling across rickety river bridges surrounded by serenity on all sides and crooning the Pedal Mari Mari song. Je ne sais quoi, much?

5.The beauty of the never-ending stretches of pothaar that inspires awe

To arrive at an open grassland and finding a shepherd is tending his cattle - sounds like a scene from folklore, right? Well, in that case consider it serendipity and blend into the fairy-tale.

6.Assamese villages are not just aesthetic but actually very clean just so that you don’t feel cluttered or disgusted

Stark cleanliness is what attracts every gaoliya Axomiya. And therefore, less clutter, less dirt. All because Cleanliness is next to Godliness, our folks believe.

7.Dine fresh food. Revitalise your body and mind

This is for all the foodies who love to have ghorot puha kukura, ghoror pukhurir maas, ghorot kora pasoli and everything which is ‘in-house production’. Gather your own food, straight from the nature’s lap. Eat fresh, get fresh. 

8.Watch Bihu dance under the sun-kissed pothaars. Trip the light fantastic toe, feel the joy

Everyone has watched Bihu Dance on stage but Bihu in wide open fields is a different experience altogether. Witness the gorgeous mekhela-donned bihuotis synchronize to the traditional tune. Fall for them head first.

9.The Aapun Aapun feeling of the country folks that will make you forget about all the mean people who make you feel miserable. Catch sonder in action

No matter how much we disguise it, the feeling of companionship that a village offers is head and shoulders above that of a town. From that Majoni, bhal ne tumar? Ketia aahi pala? to Ki khobor bupai? Porhat mon bohise ne?, they are much more than mere platitudes. They are sincere expressions of love. And love is what we need, don’t we?

No doubt the Assamese diaspora is getting bulkier by the minute but we can never deny the fact that we all stemmed from one of these villages. And Bhugali, Rongali and Kongali bihut gaon’ r ji otuloniyo hondoijyo aru anondo, heitu aan kotu bisari pua najai. Heitu Khatang! The glamour of a city might get rubbed on you and make you one of its dwellers but, it is the ever-lasting connection with your village that helps you break away from the madding crowd.

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Love from village.

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