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Super-Talented Assamese Vocalist Antareep Hazarika Sets YouTube On Fire. Heard him yet?

Ankita Goswami
Contributor, Bordoisila

17th April, 2016

Antareep Hazarika, a 20 year old Assamese lora based in Delhi, and his group of gifted vocalists have been using YouTube to treat their audience to alluring covers, mostly of popular English songs, accompanied by visually stunning music videos. Antareep is the first Assamese to perform at Youtube Fan Fest in 2015 and has won HP India’s #BendTheRules campaign.

Although all his covers are wonderful, if you haven’t checked out his channel yet, these 6 covers are the ones you should start with

1.“Royals” (Lorde) – Car Cover by Antareep Hazarika, Surya Prakash Medhi and Ankur Barua

In this creative and fun cover of Lorde’s most successful song, Surya Prakash Medhi’s soothing voice is accompanied by sounds produced using car parts and a ukulele! It is guaranteed to brighten up your day.

2.“All About Us” (He Is We ft. Owl City) by Antareep Hazarika, Mihika Sen and Ankur Barua

This cover is vocally and musically as enchanting as its video. A beautiful cover in every aspect.


3.“Mirror” (Justin Timberlake) by Antareep, Surya, Illiyana, Gariyashi and Jishnuraj

Justin Timberlake’s R&B ballad gets an acoustic and acappella spin which has nothing flashy; just four singing voices perfectly in sync, creating a soothing treat for your ears.  

4.“Hello” (Adele) by Queen Hazarika and Antareep Hazarika

Covering an Adele song is no small task. It is difficult to do justice to one of the best and most admired voices in the world. However, Queen Hazarika doesn’t disappoint while covering ‘Hello’ and Antareep on the piano gives the added leverage to this beautiful cover, picturised in a sleek setting. 

5."Chandelier" (Sia) by Antareep Hazarika, Upatyaka Dutta and Shantanu Baishya

Merely for Upatyaka Dutta's vocal prowess, this cover is worth a listen. The fact that the video is visually attractive also helps.

6.“When I was Your Man” (Bruno Mars) by Antareep Hazarika and Jishnuraj Deka

Just like Bruno Mars’ voice has the ability to pull at your heart strings, Jishnuraj Deka reproduces the same effect through his rendition of “When I was Your Man”. The pain can be heard in his voice. 

Antareep and his gang are extremely talented and have made Assamese all over the country proud. Here’s hoping they keep up the good work and get much wider recognition.

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